Tommy Elliot’s life-and-death experience in the present sheds light on some interesting secrets about Thomas and Martha Wayne in the past. What is the mysterious connection? Guest-starring Catwoman!

And in the new Two-Face co-feature, Harvey Dent faces off against the Falcone family. Will any of them survive the encounter?


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  1. Has easily been one of my fave series, Dini’s writing has been on point, and Dustin Nguyen’s art is unlike anyone else’s out there in the entire comic book industry, probably my most favorite artist right now.  Dini writes Damien well, and I think he does a good job in making the contrast between Dick and Bruce as Batman tangible.

  2. It is one of my favorite series when Dini and Nguyen actually create it.  The change in creative teams really takes the steam away for me, as I find myself skipping months because Dini is doing TV writng

  3. This book started so strong, but Dini’s flakiness really killed the book. SOme uneven fill-ins and the often misleading solicits really left a bad taste in my mouth. Once the Heart of Hush sequel sends I’m gone! 

  4. Either this solicit is wrong, or the one on IGN’s November solicits for DC is wrong.

  5. @Prax: I think I there with ya. I would have dropped the book but wanted to see what was up with Hush.

  6. DROPPED!!!! I kind of feel like writing DC or something. I mean, my comic shop owner can’t afford to order more copies of something like this than he needs, so he only orders for people like me; ie people who will definitely buy it. But when I saw that they wanted me pay 3.99 for a story I HATED from last issue and not give me the Dini story that was advertised? No sorry fuck you. I’m done.

  7. I don’t get it.  I actually enjoyed the issue a great deal, but when this was pitched, wasn’t SoG supposed to be a "street-level" Batman book?

  8. DUSTIN NGUYEN does some of the best batman covers i’ve seen in a long time, but i just don’t like his interiors. there’s something scrappy and half finished about them…and not in a good way. the stories in this have been a bit lack-lustre and nothing to do with being street-level. shame. could’ve been awesome, if brubaker or some one like that had written this.

  9. ever get the idea you’ve been cheated?

  10. Luckily I saw that on the shelf this wasn’t a Dini story. But…. I’m done. I’ll be trade waiting on the Hush story. I didn’t care for the two-face back up. Misleading me month-after-month with what’s actually in this book is pissing me off. If Dini’s having this much trouble with his schedule, maybe it’s time to leave Gotham behind.

  11. Wow. So what the heck was that about? Started buying this book because I saw Dini was writing another Hush storyline and they decided to expand the co-feature (which wasn’t all that great) into a full issue? DROPPED!

  12. Sup with the deceptive soliciting right up to until I saw it on the shelf?  No Dini, no Dustin Nguyen, no purchase.

  13. @Franktiger-Unfortunately, this was, I believe, the third time that this has occurred with this title, and it may even have been more.  DC is essentially jerking everybody around.  I asked by retailer if they are told about it, and he said that he is just as surprised about it as we are.  It is ridiculous and unfair to both the retailers and to the consumers, and I am sure it will be a nail in the coffin for the book.

  14. Yea, it’s pretty reprehensible, but is it truly deliberate?  What would be the motivation for DC to do such a thing?  Are they really that naive to think fans don’t get turned off when this happens?  Is it a marketing ploy to trick us into buying the book if we’re not paying attention when we’re expecting a Dini/Dustin book?  Or is it just a logistical error with the timing of the solicitations.  Really not that big a deal, they just gotta know their sales will probably suffer when they do that.

    If and when Dini and Dustin are back, I’ll be back. 

  15. I do not believe that it is truly deliberate, no.  I believe it is more a matter of them asking Dini when he will be done, him telling DC ‘x’ date, and then not completing in time, so they have to enlarge the ‘co-feature’ or whatever they are calling it.  That much having been said, DC definitely is aware of the situation before the product shifts, so they could do something about it.  It probably has to do with the return policy in place as to why they do not do anything about it.

    So, to sum up, no malicious intent, but DC had the ability to get correct information out to the public, but chose not to do so.

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