Batman deals with the aftermath of Zsasz’s crime wave when a new threat walks upon Gotham City’s stage! And in the co-feature, an enemy Kate made in both the courtroom and on the streets of Gotham has decided to make his fight a little more personal…

Written by PAUL DINI
Co-feature written by MARC ANDREYKO
Co-feature art by JEREMY HAUN

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  1. Is DC dropping all the co-features out of the books?

  2. I think they’re in the middle of a transition to get new co-features set up.  In the mean time, those books that had them are just getting an extra 8 pages.

  3. i think this gets a two face cofeature soon

  4. Yeah, next few issues feature a Two-Face co-feature. I’m not sure why.

    Anyway, this issue sounds interesting–from the preview, it looks like it’s going to be delving more into the Carpenter, a character Dini’s been setting up during his Detective Run and in Gotham City Sirens.  

  5. the stories have been ok in this series, but the art is a total turn off for me. always has great covers tho.

  6. last issue for me, been buying it for Manhunter only

  7. I think I might drop it after this issue.  It’s been a year, and so far every issue has been mediocre at best.  There are some good moments every now and then, but the series as a whole has been pretty blah.

  8. I wish they would shift this to detective and move what they have in detective here so I could drop this. I’ve enjoyed the Dini stories quite a bit, some more than others, and I’ve enjoyed the manhunter back-up but it feels like it’s been running in place. The thing that really bugs me about this though is that it was supposed to be about the PEOPLE of Gotham but it’s all just been more Batman stories.

  9. @Slockhart: I agree, I’ve been debating dropping several bat titles lately.

  10. PLOTTED by Dini? Son of a bitch! I might drop this after the manhunter story finishes (although they changed artist on it and it was awful…if your going to photoreference a skyline, don’t use a shot with the fucking Chrysler building featured predominatly…totally took me out of the story)

  11. A decent story. But nothing special. I think I’m dropping this once we finish the Heart of Hush sequel. 3/5

  12. Yep, dropped.  Not unenjoyable, but after a year, I’m just bored.

  13. @praxjarvin I wasn’t aware they were doing a heart of hush sequal. When is that supposed to be?

  14. @mikeandzod21 I think that’s solicited to start with #14 or #15. Check out the July Solicits and you’ll see the cover is the white-beige-red color scheme with a bandaged head like Heart of Hush.

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