It’s Batman, Robin and Abuse struggling against the deadly clutches of Mr. Zsasz. With the lives of kidnapped children at stake, it’s up to Gotham City’s finest heroes to save the day.

And in the Manhunter co-feature, Two-Face’s trial comes to a surprising end as a new trial starts! Can Kate balance all of that with her need to spend time as Manhunter? And what’s Kate’s son Ramsey doing in Gotham?!

Written by PAUL DINI
Co-feature written by MARC ANDREYKO
Co-feature Art by JEREMY HAUN

Price: $3.99
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Avg Rating: 4.1
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  1. Skipped out on the last two issues with Benson, and am coming back to (maybe) see this storyline finish. 😉 Awesome cover.

  2. Is Dini really writing this one??  The last two solicits erroneously said he was writing them.

  3. again, only buying this series for the backup

  4. Let’s see if this solit is more accurate than the last bunch.

  5. ha ha. That cover rememds e of the end of mall rats. The scene where ben afleck’s is in jail

  6. I want to see the end of this storyline, but i’m getting tired of the way this book jumps around.

  7. When Dini writes this this is awesome, and the back up
    is great too. Plus, Dustin Ngyun is doing some of the best covers in comics on this book. I would love to see him do the whole book in that style

  8. Considering Zsasz is on the cover, I think Dini is a pretty safe bet.

  9. That Benson shit was aight, but I sure hope Dini is finally back!!  Permanently!!

  10. Is it necessary to have read the fill-in issues to get this story? I haven’t read the book since yost’s Manbat v.s. Huntress issues.

  11. I am dropping 🙁

  12. Good as always, but i’m starting to feel like it’s just not worth the cover price.

  13. This felt a little plodding. I’m sticking out this storyline, because it’s a cool idea and really humanizes Daimian, and that matches up with B&R. But… this just wasn’t as strong as the series has been. 3/5

  14. This book has gotten to the point where I’ll still get it and for the most part enjoy it, but if I have to make cut backs for economic reasons, I’d leave it in a heartbeat and wouldn’t miss it.

    Also, was anyone confused by the Abuse origin?  I was definitely thinking he had grown up into an adult, not a kid using Venom to turn into one… 

  15. I like that reading Dini’s Batbooks feels like watching the animated series.

  16. Loved this issue…. (yeah i’m behind in my reading)

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