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From the pages of LEGENDS OF THE DARK KNIGHT #11-15 and 137-141!

Batman must confront the sinister Dr. Hugo Strange, a man with a deadly secret who is determined to kill the Dark Knight. Who is the fearsome Night Scourge, and what is his link to the GCPD? And how does Catwoman fit into all this?

Story by Doug Moench
Art by Paul Gulacy & Terry Austin

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  1. Looking forward to this. It has to be so good since the OOP versions are going/have been going for maniacal high prices on eBay.

    What story is in 137-141 though?

    • 137-141 is “Terror,” another Moench-penned Hugo Strange story. I haven’t read that one (yet), but Prey is fantastic.

  2. I have never read any Hugo Strange stories, but loved Arkham City. Is this any good? What era of Batman is it…whose Robin etc

    • Prey is a VERY good Hugo Strange story and just a good story in general. It takes place right around after Year One so there is no Robin yet. Batman is still starting out and so is Catwoman. From what I remember, Strange really isn’t known as a villain yet and this is Batman’s first encounter with him (if you ignore the events of Monster Men). Haven’t read “Terror” before, but “Prey” is well worth it.

  3. Both of these are really great. I would definitely pick this up if I didn’t already own both.

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