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  1. I love the art in this book

  2. I’m actually kind of let down here. I loved Jones’s original run on the book and I’m not enjoying this as much. It could be the story (though I don’t hate Niles, some of his books like Simon Dark have been a little tough to follow month to month).  Somehow, it doesn’t seem as stylistically solid as it did before (or maybe I’m just older/jaded).

  3. Yeesh, only 20 pulls?

    I’m loving the art, even though some of the stuff is very surreal (which isn’t really my thing, especially when it’s Batman) but I think DC made a mistake making this series 12 issues. Maybe people woulda been more likely to check this out for 3 or 4 issues than having to invest in 12 to get the full story.

  4. I am intrigued by this title but at 12 issues I’m going to wait for trade on this one. Interested, just not that interested. I like Niles but his issues usually read so fast.

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