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  1. I wonder if this Milligan guy even expected sales to rise on this during his arc.  It’s not bad. There just isn’t nobody reading it.  But I.

  2. Is This a good jumping on point or do I really need to start with Batman Confidential #31?

  3. @Mangaman: I honestly couldn’t tell you because I buy it every month regardless.  I don’t think there is too much you need to know except that the Russian mobsters are trying to get a hand in Gotham’s pocket and they got a bear (KGBeast) on their side.  Go ahead and try.  Let me know how that works out for you.  I got the other two issues if you really need them. I’m sure we can work out a trade or something.

  4. Lol appreciate that offer, although I doubt I’d have anything you haven’t read before. *thinks deeply* erm… maybe, shortboxes tend to surprise me.

  5. My review is up but with a microsoft error. My humblest apologies.

  6. Yet again this book was so very good! I have really been enjoying BC since Milligan and Clarke started on this book.

    Like I say every issue Andy Clarkes art is just awesome (I would love to see him on Batman and Robin at some point) He storytelling has been just great is this book. This was a great issue and the story is really developing well, cant wait for the next issue.


  7. I actually enjoy Confidential consistently.  Maybe it is just because Batman is my fav superhero type.  The Bad Cop arcs with Joker from before this one are pretty cool too.  Not the best art on the eyes, but pretty decent stories for the price.  You can prolly get them even cheaper in someone’s back issue bin, I don’t think BC sells that well for some reason.

    I guess everybody just enjoys the in-continuity Batman tales more?  I like them both, personally.

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