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  1. I would much rather read Batman & Robin #3 but I guess this is gonna have to do…

    Confidential can be half decent sometimes though.  I still haven’t dropped it, but if they ever raise the price on this to $3.99, I’m gone.

  2. I feel the same way I jump in and out with this I liked the two Bad Cop arcs as of recent this will be make it or break it for me on this arc, going to thumb through this one first at the shop.

  3. This series could be as good as Legends Of The Dark Knight once was with the right writers.  That’ll never happen though, everybody would rather get involved with the newer in continuity Batman stuff.

  4. I guess nobody cares but me?

    I wish I could trade wait these arcs but they take like two years just to come out in hardcover so issues is where it is.

  5. Just read this and thought it was a very good issue, just like the first one. I really like the way Batman is written in this, it’s classic Batman in my eyes and I’m really enjoying seeing Batman in another country. I’m huge fan of Andy Clarkes art and it was great again in this issue. Looking forward to the next issue.


  6. I thought I typed up a review for this yesterday.  What happened to it?  Don’t tell me Conor is erasing reviews because they have one curse word in them again.  GAHHHH

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