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  1. This has been the most fun I have had reading a comic EVER. Nicieza’s has written some of the most entertaining situations (never been a big fan of his but he is surpirsing me here!) And Maguire art has been AWESOME. The facial experssions he uses are incredible, they really help tell the story and add a sense of humor that would be missed by any other artist. Pick these 5 issues up!

  2. This series must be getting great word of mouth, because I went to two stores and both were sold out of it.

  3. Just plain old dumb fun. Nothing earth shattering here, but there is SO much personality packed into both the dialogue and the art I have to make it my POW. 


    This is the only book I read this week that I read start to finish with a smile. 

  4. So it’s offical, Barbara Gordon is now my number one geek, fanboy, comic book babe crush.  Between this arc and reading Batgirl Year 1 recently, how could you not love Babs. Funny, sexy and smart (althouh at what point did she think that Chili dogs and vodka would mix with anything, let alone a boy) In a week where we get a great Batman RIP book (aka the first one that makes sense…) and this book, this represents what makes the Batman family so great.  One dark and edgy, they other fun and action packed.

    I love Kevin Macguire’s art just so stupidly great (oh how I would love to see him do an arc on Buffy…) and works so well with the words written by Fabian Nicieza. 

    With all the hub-bub going down on Ron’s POW review, I would be curious of Connor or Josh would have picked this as their POW.  (In the show, I think Connor is the only one that said they are reading this book, don’t know if Josh is….)

    This is the POW. 


  5. This was so damn close to be my POW, I can’t even tell ya. Fantastic story, amazing art and the only reason I picked this story up is iFanboy. Thank you very much! 😀

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