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  1. I was surprised as to how good the first issue of this arc was. I’ve never enjoyed any of bedard’s past work but this was really good and the art from rags was awesome (much better than his art on nightwing has been IMO).

  2. This issue proves to me that each arc is getting better on this title. Well, it wasn’t hard to improve on that first arc. I think I’m one of the few that actually enjoyed that Joker arc.  Two issues in now in this 3rd arc and I wonder (and hope) if the series will actually survive from that knockout blow suffered in the 1st round.

    What really made this issue great? Rags of course! His art in this issue makes me want to take the Identity Crisis hc off the shelf and read it again. Also, credit is due to Berard for the wonderful insight into the villain’s mind. Rarely is this point of view ever taken in a superhero comic. It is always about what the hero is thinking. This was a good rule to break. The fighting styles being thought out during the fight was excellent. Back to Rags. That panel where lightning lights up Gordon’s office and we see the suprise on Gordon’s face. Wow! Great stuff.

    I really can’t wait for the next issue. Good times for this title.

  3. This issue was just as strong as last issue.  I think if you saw the episode of The Batman recently, you will see where this is going with the new Wrath’s origin.  But what is Gordon’s secret?!  Issue 15 can’t come out soon enough!

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