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  1. The Wrath?  Nice.  I remember the Wrath from Who’s Who.  I thought the concept of the character was interesting.  I hope they don’t change his origin too much from the Pre-Crisis days.  Bonus points for Rags Morales on art and Nightwing.  Looking forward to this one.

  2. i picked this up for the first time and liked the story alot but was wondering why batman and nightwing are wearing costumes from different eras? When do these confidential stories take place?

  3. @Seagalism

    The Confidential books are supposed to be stories from the past of Batman (or Superman in his Confidential book).  They don’t give a timeline, per se, but I think they are intended to be IN continuity, but I don’t think they’re really going to be looked at as such.  I thought the previous arc with the Joker’s latest origina was really interesting.

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