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Having their secret identity exposed is the worst nightmare of any hero who wears a mask – and that nightmare is coming true for Dick Grayson!

Bruce and Terry still think they can put this genie back in the bottle, but only with the help of Max, Terry’s closest confidant and computer wunderkind. But Max has problems of her own – the kind that Terry can’t ever find out about – and Dick has his own ideas about how to protect himself!


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  1. Looking forward to seeing more Max.

  2. Great start to a series lets hope it continues.


  3. Added this to my pull list on the strength of issues 1 – 3. Can’t wait for whats next

  4. GREAT cover

  5. Eh, still on the fence. after this arch I might just trade wait it.

  6. The art in this was way better but the story seems to be losing me more and more with every issue, which is upsetting because I enjoyed the mini and was a big fan of the cartoon. Plus, Adam Beechen’s run on Robin was amazing

  7. God, what? I thought the first three issues of this were so much fun – and very much in the spirit of the TV show – but this was awful. (Except for a desperately needed improvement in art.) That narration from Maxine was like being on a cliche treadmill.

    As a side note, I guess I can respect that Beechen’s trying to tie this into Batman, Inc., but it’s confusing continuity a bit. I had just assumed that this comic was basically a continuation of the Batman Beyond story from the TV show (despite the Hush lead-in, which I admittedly didn’t read), but now it’s ham-fistedly trying to force its way into what’s happening in the comics. Which is fine, I guess, but these things need to be more closely handled by editorial — it doesn’t sync up with Grant Morrison’s Batman at all, as the Beyond timeline actually showed up in #700, with Damian directing Terry rather than Bruce, a fine change that allowed Beyond to exist in DCU continuity. It’s not a major thing, I guess, but it’s just frustrating to pick up an issue like this and realize that the people writing and editing the thing haven’t really done their homework. Not like it’s, you know, their job or anything.

    ANYWAY. Nerd rage off. (Swear to God I don’t live in a basement!) I’ll give the next issue or two the benefit of the doubt since Beechen’s shown he can bring the goods, but whoof, this was bad.

  8. Good book to read and have fun with and thats the idea of comic books; imagination and getting the brain stimulated. I know it is not in the same continuity and that always drives me crazy however; I works because we know its the future and that the future can always be changed.
       I just read it as a comic book and I tie nothing to it and that makes this and even better read. I’m not sayin I’m just sayin.


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