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A mysterious new threat targets the original Batman’s villains, and only Terry McGinnis – the Batman of the future – has a chance of finding and stopping him. But of a Catwoman stalks into the picture, Terry is torn between the lady she appears to be and the deadly tiger she might turn out to be!


Price: $2.99
iFanboy Community Pick of the Week Percentage: 0.3%
Avg Rating: 3.7
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  1. Sweet.  I had fun last time and it’s still 2.99.  Even better.

  2. I know.

    A great first issue. I thought all mini’s were $4 dollars now no matter what.

    It wa great to see this cast again, and looking forward to the new additions of some old comic characters.

    Terry gets his very own catwoman?!?

  3. this has been sweet!  Beechen is bringing his A game!

  4. I hope this leads into an ongoing

  5. I missed the first issue because LCS didn’t have enough. I hope to get this and the last issue.

  6. Yes, EVERYBODY BUY THIS SERIES so we can get an on-going.

  7. @OnAsunday: Legion of Comic Nerd! UNITE!

  8. Decent read, not as good as the first issue and the art didn’t seem as solid as last issue – Bruce has some odd faces in some places. 3/5

  9. God the art is just so offensively terrible in this book. (Seriously, the new Catwoman could not possibly look worse.) Why oh WHY did DC not put A-list talent on this? It’s frustrating to think that if the book flounders, the editors will think "hurp durp, guess people didn’t want Batman Beyond after all" when in reality it’s probably because people didn’t want a classic series turned into mediocre crap. The thing basically says "Hey, don’t pick me up unless you’re really hardcore about this shit!" Arrrrg.

  10. Would never expected this to be a POTW contender. I’ll get on that ongoing bandwagon now.

  11. Yeah, I’m done. No quality to this issue for me whatsoever.

  12. It would be nice if my store ever had this series on the racks so I could look at it and decide if I want it or not.  But, alas, that has not been the case with the first two issues.

  13. POTW for me (two spider-man books couldn’t compete). I’m not a fan of the new catwoman design, I’d rather a catsuit, then a suit of armour, but otherwise the art was servicable. The artist is good at action more than emotion. Like other posters have said his faces aren’ the best, but the action is great!

  14. News from SDCC seems to be there will be more of this as sales are good.

  15. big improvement from the last issue story and art wise

  16. This is one of those rare cases where expectations for the book are met. I’m loving this and Beechen, who I personaly want to see on a Batman main title, has always had a great handle on the characters. This issue both evoked the feel
    of the cartoon while also adding that special something as a comic book.

  17. I liked the first issue but didn’t care about this. I just keep thinking about how awesome it would be if Dustin Nguyen drew it…

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