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The miniseries that leads you into the video game comes to its dramatic conclusion. The die is cast and the criminal gulag known as Arkham City is now in place. But even with its imposing walls and security measures, is anyone in Gotham City really going to feel safe with a legion of criminals living next door? Batman’s determined to enter the belly of the beast and find out just who is pulling the strings.

Written by PAUL DINI
Art and cover by CARLOS D'ANDA

Price: $2.99
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Avg Rating: 3.7
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  1. i bought this originally because i wanted to play the game and thought this might help with understanding the plot of the game and might unlock something somehow. the art is good and i like the writer well enough, but i gotta say, im glad to see this come to and end. if i knew at the beginning of the series what i know now, i wouldnt have started this in the first place. really, a city of crazy people right next door to gotham. im sure the game will be cool, but the comic has been a let down.

  2. I agree. The 4th issue was a bit better, but I definitely agree with you, it’s been a bit of a let down. Some decent art, but it seems like their just putting off telling any story…having read 4/5 of the miniseries, I still only know what I’d already read about the game.

    ….Arkham City game’s going to be the shit though……..

  3. Overall it was a decent miniseries for a video game tie-in. The final issue was a bit of a let down though. The Arkham City model of Robin is just terrible, but I guess thats how “gamers” want their Robin to look. A beefed up Nightwing who looks more like Roy Harper than Tim Drake.
    Anyway, I am really excited for the game and I only wish it was out sooner to coincide with the end of this mini series.

  4. Oh boy did I enjoy this series. This last issue however was kinda like the writer said, “Wellp I’m pretty much done lets just do something to wrap this up.” I wish we could get one more book.

  5. I liked the series of pages without cells that made up the last half of this book. You could call it a shortcut because they were out of ideas but I think it’s an interesting way to highlight the major players coming in the game.

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