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Amid the protests of both human rights groups and Bruce Wayne, a new Arkham rises. The Joker is scheduled to be its first inmate, but not if Harley Quinn has anything to say about it. Meanwhile, Batman’s suspicions lead him to investigate just who is really behind this new, more sprawling asylum and what their motivations might be.

Written by PAUL DINI
Art and cover by CARLOS D'ANDA

Price: $2.99
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Avg Rating: 3.8
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  1. Awesome cover! Loved the 1st ish

  2. Wasn’t thrilled with ish #1 but Dini gets slack.

  3. Does anyone know about the exclusive content supposedly available on the Comixology app?  Based on what I coulg gleen from the site, it supposedly takes place between issues 1 & 2?!?

  4. @ctrosejr  I think there is supposed to be “digital only” content such as backgrounds on the charachters between each of the issues. I’m kind of pissed they are excluding the people buying the books. From what I have gathered it will be included in the trade. My guess, however, is that it will be nothing special or important.

  5. Didn’t like the first issue that much, but loved this one. A lot of fun and it’d be interesting to see what kind of mischief pumkin’ and puddin’ are up to next month.

  6. Pretty good and fun issue. I liked how he used ‘Detective Mode” just like in the game. It’s really cool how Dini has clearly put so much thought and effort into this series and the game. Also, the art really grew on me.

    sidenote: I just started playing through the game again and it’s better than I remembered (if that is even possible!!!)

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