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  1. have they said if the owlman in this story is the one from another earth or if he is going to be someone we know? i am betting on jason todd.

  2. Hrmmmm I’m very tempted to pick this up, Tomasi is doing awesome on Nightwing & GLC, and FC:Requiem was great. Has anyone seen any interview/previews anywere for this book?

  3. why does the outsider need a third reboot. actually this would be the fith

  4. Apparently there was a clue in a DC Nation column from a few months ago that said "the owl and the butler are the same person".  So my guess is Alfred is Owlman.

  5. From what we’ve been told, Alfred is definitely running the new Outsiders team.

  6. I hope Tomasi can bring the level of fun to this book that Chuck Dixon brought, before he was so uncerimoniously kicked out of DC after years of killer work.

  7. Alfred as Owlman?? what the… I have this on my pull list, so I will get it but if Alfred is the Owlman, Im sorry but with all respect I will drop this book. I respect everyone who likes that idea but that is CRAZY

  8. I’m kinda looking forward to this. But what the fucks up with all these books with Geo-Force in them? Is he really that popular of a character? Or is it that Meltzer just really liked him and tried to make him a major player in the DCU?

  9. The Dark Knight decided to team up with DC’s superhero team outcasts The Outsiders now that something to read about I’m gonna get me a copy of this comic book man.

  10. oh man i definitely cried with the bruce and alfred scene… what powerful dialogue. but besides that the story sucked.

  11. This was awesome, I hope editorial will leave the book alone and let Tomasi go. This is a great new direction.

  12. @smeeeee no kidding, dude.  I picked this up because of how good Nightwing has been lately, I’m really glad I did.  I’ll be reading this book now that Tieri is gone.

  13. Tomasi is a great new writer, I’m enjoying what I’ve read of his Green Lantern Corps. and this issue was a great set-up and I can’t wait to see where he goes from there.

  14. i loved this issue. it is the classic getting the team together issue, but the scene in the beginning between bruce and alfred is a great, emotional moment.

  15. Well, I wasn’t going to pick this up but the temptation of Tomasi got me to do so anyhow.  It wasn’t too bad although the Creeper is not one of my favorites, but I’ll pick up Outsiders #15 and go from there.

  16. best moment in this book:  Bruce’s message to Alfred.  we see a side of bruce we rarely ever see, and it s a great moment of tenderness from the Batman, and i loved how alfred didnt even need to think about accepting Bruce’s offer.  that is such a great scene, it made the whole book worth it.

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