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  1. Is Ollie still in this book this month?  I sure hope so because last issue was pretty awesome.

  2. Yes, Ollie is still in this issue.  I read a preview and it looks like some of the team members don’t like Ollie taking a leaderesque role in the situation that they showed.  I hope he puts them in their places.

  3. I’m looking forward to more shiny art! (seriously I am.)

  4. Speaking of Ollie on the book…I wonder if he is going to stay on this team, as well as the new Robinson penned Justice League book since they sound almost identical, big-picture plot-wise.

  5. I believe my nose is twitching.

  6. Very close to dropping this book after this issue.

    Also, can someone tell me why Geo-Force keeps appearing in comic books?  What does he have on Didio, pics of him in bed with Quesada or something?

  7. Geo-Force joined the team a while back.

  8. I liked this issue except for the Dibney ghosts. It was unexplained and completely random.

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