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  1. darn these RIP titles – i am such a fool

  2. Ryan Benjamin on art? No way, dude. I thought maybe I’d stick through the RIP tie-in, but no Chuck Dixon and this guy on art? I’m totally out.

  3. @BrikHed: You know it, I know it, they know it. December’s solicits came out today and what’s in the Outsiders listing? Suggestion of RIP relevance.

    Seems like DC has something going with this "mention an event in the solicit = $$$" thing.

  4. When I drop this after RIP is over, I’m wondering what book am I going to start reading with the extra $3 a month I will have?

  5. @Kory Criminal. Just go do it.

  6. @GungaDin- I’ll probably start reading Green Arrow/Black Canary since my girlfriend has become interested in the characters.  As you probably know, if your woman is interested in comics you have an obligation to start buying them for her.  Criminal will be the book I get once I drop Booster Gold.

  7. Arg.  This kind of felt like a R.I.P. spoiler.  It’s taking place after RIP and even though it doesn’t tell you how it goes down it can’t help but tell you what happened.  I almost wish I would have never read this.  I just wish RIP would come out because I want to see how it goes down.  I might not read the next Outsiders till after RIP is over.

  8. This was a BIG spoiler.  I don’t get it.  Why would they release it now?

  9. This was a waste of an issue. Nothing happened except a bunch of characters reacting (out of character a few times) to something that hasn’t happened yet. A bunch of reaction shots is not a story.

    I understand DC trying to tie into RIP to make money, it’s a business, but I think some stories should be left alone — like RIP.

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