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  1. Any idea if this issue is the last one written by Chuck Dixon?  If so, then I will be picking this up.  If not, then this book is being dropped from my pull list.

  2. I’m in the same boat. I’ll be dropping if this isn’t Dixon

  3. Whos the new team?.. Why are we so sure they will suck?  I’m lost.

  4. Looks like Frank Tieri comes on next.  I quite like GOTHAM UNDERGROUND so that’s good news.

  5. Tieri’s work on Gotham Underground was fantastic!

  6. I like this book a lot. It’s good fun/action superhero comics. I just hope Dixon is actually writing it! There has been so many wrong solicits from DC lately, I won’t believe it’s him until I open the comic.

    Tieri is taking over this book? I wasn’t a huge fan of Gotham Underground (too many issues of nothing happening for my tastes) but I’ll read an issue or two of his run on this book before I decide to drop it, when Chuck D leaves.

  7. I’ll hold on to this after the RIP tie-ins coming up.  But it’ll definitely be on the chopping block.

  8. Any chance the RIP tie-ins have anything to do with the actual RIP storyline or will the be tie-ins in name only?

  9. @stuclach- they probably won’t have anything to do with RIP.  but i’m buying them just in case.  the tie-in will probably be that someone mentions that Batman is missing.

  10. Hmmm, I didn’t like Tieri’s Wolverine back in the day, I’m skeptical.

  11. From what I understand, the RIP tie-in on this title doesn’t start until next issue.

  12. RIP tie-ins are issues #11-13.

  13. IF the premise for the RIP tie-in is the one they set up in this issue then the "tie" is absolutely nonexistant.  If the next issue is this bad I’m dropping the book.

  14. Meh.  Outsiders be warned, you could get dropped soon.

  15. What the hay happened? This ish kinda dropped the ball, it was all over the place. Some interesting ideas, but nothing fully fleshed out…..and I the dialogue seemed off to me. I’m gonna stick through RIP, and then try the new guy, but I think I’m also putting this book on the chopping block. Sad because the last ish was pretty good.

  16. I picked this title up for two reasons . 1 I enjoyed The last series of the outsiders by Judd WInnick an 2 I love Dixion. Not sure if I should stay or Go?

  17. Big reason this book was bad? Ryan Benjamin on art. What the hell happened there? Benjamin needs to just… stop…

  18. I love this book, the art, the story — everything. But (there is always a "but") I’m worried that all this great stuff that’s been laid out by Mr Dixon will just be left unanswered & forgotten when he leaves the book. It seems like his run so far has been setting things up for a long run on the book & now he’s gone … the new writer will just do his own thing.

    It’s very disappointing to me. I’d love to see Chuck on this title for at least 6 more issues to finish what he started before leaving.

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