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Two-Face is back!

As an unknown villain targets Two-Face and other Gotham City crimelords for extermination, Batman discovers that Kitrina Falcone, a.k.a. “CATGIRL,” is next on the hit list! Can he save the junior mobster in time? And will helping Kitrina force Catwoman to get involved?

Written by TONY DANIEL

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  1. WHYYYYY!?!?!?

  2. YES!!  3 Bat books this week!!  Now that’s what I’m talking about, guys!!!!

  3. Between Tec and Dini’s Arkham City that might give me enough reason to drop this book but somehow I always give in

  4. This has been good, but not as good as Snyder’s Detective.

  5. To me Tony is turning out amazing bat stories, I’m surprised more people aren’t into this, just wish he was doing the art aswell as the story, i think he draws a wicked batman, whether Dick or Bruce! Just saw the august solicitations and he was not on as artist or writer, so i hope his term on batman has not come to end!, No matter what excited about this arc!!

  6. This was blah. As it has been for months. I dunno what Daniel did to be given the reigns to the flagship Bat title, but I kinda wish he never did it. It’s not bad, I just think it feels so different from the other Bat titles that it just doesn’t jive. And he’s running out of Loeb characters.

  7. Okay, was anyone suprised by how this ended?  The cover and everything Daniel has written prior to this pretty much ruined that suprise.  I enjoyed Daniel’s first arc, but the riddler arc was a mess (and the art change from Daniel to March was jarring to say the least).  I wasn’t interested in the previous arc, but I wanted to see where he was going with the Falcones so I flipped through this.  The art was alright, but not as good as Daniel’s.  I’m glad I dropped this after Morrison’s arc (although I got issue 703 because I thought it was by Milligan; damn you DC solicits!).

  8. I was supprised by the end but I’m not sure if it will end up being a good kind of supprised.

  9. As a come and go Batman reader, the return of Two-Face and some Falcone family is enough to get me to pick it up.  Overall, the story was very blah, as well as the art, but I will give the next issue a shot too.  I also feel like I need to catch up on the entire Falcone family.

  10. Nevermind. I think I am off this book. I just read Batman and Robin and Batman:Gates of Gotham and have been reading Detective since Snyder took over. That is what bat books should look like. Not this one.

  11. It was desent. Nice to see Two-Face again, but nothing really great.

  12. I thought this was much much better than recent issues of this book. Maybe Tony Daniel is getting the hang of this writing thing. I thought the art was pretty strong, loved the perspective of the opening page.

  13. This issue was great.  I was hooked from jump street when you set up such a simple yet compelling conflict.  Is it Synder and Jock on Detective good?  No, but it is a very fine Batman story. 

  14. Two-Face!!! Hell Yeah!!! Awesome!!! Loved It!! The End!!

  15. Good story.  The art is nice but could be better.  I’ll pick up the next issue.

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