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This month’s 3-part crossover with RED ROBIN and GOTHAM SIRENTS reaches its conclusion as Batman becomes Gotham City’s last hope!

Can he help the city avoid a cleansing scourge? Will the Angels of Death find one good man whose soul is pure? And what is the tragic secret in Dick Grayson’s past that might doom Gotham?

Guest-starring Red Robin, Catwoman and Ra’s al Ghul!

Written by DAVID HINE
Art and Cover by GUILLEM MARCH

Price: $2.99
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Avg Rating: 3.3
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  1. Anybody else miss Judd Winnick on Batman? It hasn’t been horrible lately, but it’s definitely missing something…It’s still a good read to a Batman fan, but I’m liking detective AND batman & robin way better right now…

  2. I’ve missed Winnick since two panels into Tony Daniel’s first issue. It went from good to huge sucking gaping hole of suck

  3. @mikeandzod21  ahh yes….daniels, thanks for reminding me lol….I’m glad someone else shares my pain mike.

  4. I think I’m skipping this issue because I didn’t really care what happened last issue (and didn’t read any of the other crossover books) but I’m curious who the creative team and what the storyline for the issue after this one will be.

  5. I dropped this.  Wish I had passed on the previous issue, I accidentally picked it up.  I might buy this book when it comes out and I actually see who wrote and drew it.  This is actually part 4 of the story but DC never bothered to fix the solicitations.  Why?

  6. This title and all of the Bat title seem to be just to many and its loosing me. I will read this and then it is time to decide which stays and which goes.


  7. I really liked part 1 & 2 of this crossover.  This story is asking a bunch of cool questions.  Is there a rightous man in Gotham?  If it is not Dick, nor Tim, who can it be?  (Alfred?)  How can a loving God allow good people to die?  Is there an inherent flaw in judging other people’s faith?  What gives the Crusader and Azreal the right to sit in judgement of Gotham?  

    I have also been pulled into the mystery of the story.  I want to know what the deal is with the Prodigy and Dick Grayson.  And, what does Ra’s Al Ghul have to do with all of this?

  8. I thought Daniel was OK. Not enough to do Batman, but alright. This has been, uhm, peculiar. But enjoyable.


  9. I found Winnick’s Batman Reborn arc to be down right painful to read. Daniel was by no means perfect but his stories are tons of fun and very well drawn. Besides if you don’t like it you have two other Grayson Bat-books to choose from(which are great).

  10. ok…ok…I’ll admit, while I’ve never been a huge Azrael fan, I really enjoyed this issue. Hine actually did a good job with this story and made me a believer, so I retract my previous statement about this arc, although the 1st part of this story I did NOT care for, this issue drew me in and I loved the end result, great read, i’m impressed.

  11. Hine is a fine Batfamily writer.  This story was an enjoyable crossover between the 3 books.  I can’t wait to see what Tony does next.  This is a knock to Hine but just loved what Tony was doing before this crossover.  Again I really enjoyed the crossover that Hine, Nicieza (sp), and Calloway brought us.  Now back to ur regularly scheduled Bat story!@

  12. This art remined me of the stuff I see in the 70s books. Lots of Wrightson inspiration. Not bad but so jarring from the other Bat books, I’m not sure how I feel about it.

  13. Glad this is over. It was ok but repetetive and irrelevant.

    Someone should tell David Hine that Ra’s Al Ghul took the White Ghosts’ body in his latest resurrection, so therefore there is no White Ghost.

  14. It wasn’t that bad, but not a great story, glad we should be getting back to the main story line next issue.

  15. yawn …

  16. I had the same problem with this arc as I did with the “Eye of the Beholder” arc, which is that they start strong but they end up making no sense.  Did Azrael really not know Ra’s al Ghul was pulling his strings?  Is Dick really so emotionally fragile that a questionable childhood decision leaves him so fraught that he can’t even function, putting all of Gotham at risk?  This arc had some pretty decent moments (I think the “Red Robin” issue was the best), but I’m left yet again wondering why I collect any Bat-book other than “Detective Comics.”

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