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Batman uncovers the secrets of Gotham City’s founding fathers and the secrets hidden within the city’s foundation. In a captivating turn of events, The Dark Knight finds that he alone holds the key to stopping the cataclysmic events that loom over Gotham. Don’t miss this stunning finale guest-starring I-Ching and Peacock, a spectacular new heroine from the Far East!

Written by TONY DANIEL
Art and Cover by TONY DANIEL

Price: $2.99
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Avg Rating: 3.1
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  1. I’m actually enjoying this book quite a lot. Tomasi, Snyder, and Daniel are really killing it on the Dick Grayson stories.

  2. This actually a lot of fun.

  3. Whew, glad that’s over.

  4. This was AWFUL! this was so bad, I wish chuck Austen had written it. This was hackkneed, forced, ridiculously complex for complexity’s sake to the point where it was confusing, and down right rushed, from the writing to the art. I can’t beleive how bad this was, and that DC is actually publishing this rubbish while the rest of the Batman line, for the most part, is a pilar of excellence

  5. While I liked the dialogue, I felt like the story as a whole was stretched too thin.  The whole story of Peacock and the beholder was a bit boring for a four issue arc.  This could have been a one shot really. And I like Daniel’s art, but how old does he think riddler is?  Also, I’m really not drawn in to where I think this is headed.  Can’t we leave Gilda alone?  But he does seem to have found Dick’s voice which is nice.

  6. The story was deritative, dull, confusing, boring & it failed to make me care about what happened to any of the characters.

    The dialogue was wooden, stilted & clunky.

    The art was inconsistent; some panels were good, some were poor. The stoey-telling aspect of the art was terrible. It was hard to tell what the artist was trying to communicate was happening on a lot of pages.

    2/5 offensive Asian stereotypes, from me.

    But, on the bright side — only one more issue of Daniel writing, then Batman gets a WRITER writing the book. Whodathunkit?

  7. Batfans (myself included) will generally buy Batman and Detective, regardless of quality. Tony Daniel isn’t a big name, so he probably works cheap, and paying one person to do story and art is probably cheaper than hiring two people.

    Tony Daniel is merely a money saving strategy by DC. 

  8. Not good. Tony Daniel should stick to art. Glad Scott Snyder is on Detective, I am dropping this if Daniel continues to write.

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