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Celebrating the “Return of Bruce Wayne”!

Those closest to The Dark Knight look back on the legacy he has created.

Featuring appearances by Alfred, Dick Grayson, Tim Drake, Damian Wayne, Selina Kyle and more!

Art and Cover by CLIFF RICHARDS
"DC 75th Anniversary" Variant cover by KEVIN NOWLAN

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Avg Rating: 3.7
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  1. Just a heads up that this solicit is wrong. As Matt Adler found out in an interview from a few weeks ago, Fabian Nicieza is writing this issue. I’m guessing that this book had to be changed because of how late BATMAN & ROBIN and BATMAN: THE RETURN OF BRUCE WAYNE have been. That is, of course, speculation on my part.

  2. @ JeffR Cool,  Fabian Nicieza is an awesome writer, this is good news.

  3. So…Tony Daniel as writer isn’t back yet? No suck?

  4. Originally this was supposed to be a Pete Milligan story. No idea if things were changed because of B&R and RoBW being late. Those series weren’t supposed to be done completely yet anyway, so I think this is just the Bat-office screwing around with solicits again.

  5. sounds like a snooze worthy forgettable snore-nacopia. Maybe I will, maybe I won’t? 

  6. Red Robin!!!!!!!
    Sign me up!



    C’mon fanboys! No complaints about this being "filler"? 

    This one was alright. Some nice Batboys interaction. It’s clear that Nicieza has a better grip on Alfred and the boys than most writers. When it comes to Damian, he might understand him best next to Morrison. I’ve also always enjoyed the voice he gives to Tim. The overall plot takes a back seat to the interaction between Dick and Damian, but I think that’s deliberate.

    @Heroville: HA! That line was hilarious. Possibly the best part of this issue.

  9. "sounds like a snooze worthy forgettable snore-nacopia""

    You must have powers to see into the future, dude, ’cause this was SUPER dull.

  10. This sucked.

  11. This was aweesome.

  12. Not a bad issue, pretty good in fact.  However the contents of this issue and the solicits were aparently two different things.

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