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Only one month until BATMAN #700! As the anniversary issue nears, Dick Grayson’s life as the Dark Knight inches dangerously closer to the edge! With the Falcone crime family and The Riddler creating havoc in Gotham City, Batman is completely occupied with no idea what shocking surprise awaits him in the near future!

Written by TONY DANIEL

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  1. Thank Christ Daniel’s run ends here

  2. The Riddler is back to being evil again?

  3. i feel like 698 came out ages ago…and the rereads begin!

  4. Eh…I’m just glad that #700’s coming soon. 

  5. I must be a Bat-maniac, but Daniel’s run didn’t bother me much at all.  It didn’t move me in ways that I’d end up buying it all over again in hardcover, but it certainly didn’t bother me.  I had fun.  Glad for more Morrison though.

  6. Daniel’s writing is nearly done, Batman is coming back, Superman is coming back to Superman comics & James Robinson is off the book — everything’s coming up Milhouse! =D

  7. I have almost all but forgotten that there was a Batman title.  Ever since the status quo change this hasn’t felt at all like the flagship title.  I wonder how the batbooks will be shuffled around after Bruce is back?

  8. I really wanted to dump this title after 700 but GM  is doing an RIP tie in

  9. What’s this cyberauron posting on iFanboy???

  10. @robbydzwonar

    I AM a Bat-Maniac and I was still really underwhelmed by Daniel’s run.

    Also–dollars to doughnuts that Riddler’s the killer.  

  11. @jestr I know! its been months years since my last post.  I blame you guys for giving me the challenge

  12. I would’ve thought that this was just OK, but I read it right after the Bruce Wayne book, which makes this look like an absolute masterpiece.

  13. #700’s a 56 page issues.  Pretty cool.

  14. Oh man was this awful. The plot was shoddy at best, the art ok to downright terrible and the diologue painful. The best part of this book was the green arrow preview on the back.

  15. I’d like to nominate this for the worst single issue of a comic book in 2010.

    This may have been the worse non-ending to a story I have ever seen, in ANY format. 

  16. This was dreadful. Worst issue since before Batman and Son. Maybe even the worst since One Year Later. I thought Daniel did a fine job with his Blask Mask arc, but this was dead from jump.

    "Damn you Nigma! I’m turning into a tree!" Really? Is it me or did that come out of nowhere? I was just as surprised as Blackspell seemed to be. Laugh-out-loud ridonkulous. 

    Bring on #700.

  17. I don’t know what just happened, but I know whatever it was, it sucked.

  18. Its a real shame that this was such a terrible conclusion to a story that had a great first issue…


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