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The unthinkable happens when Batman and the Penguin join forces to thwart the mass murder and mayhem of their common foe, the Black Mask. Plus, Batman confronts an adversary from days past who has a score to settle with The Dark Knight.

Written by Tony Daniel
Art by Tony Daniel and Sandu Florea
Cover by Tony Daniel

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Avg Rating: 3.2
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  1. Yeah yeah yeah, next arc please.

  2. blah blah. meh. meh. tony daniel is PAINFULLY average. please give me back my comic.

  3. I’ve really been enjoying this, I have no problem with Daniel writing or drawing this comic.

  4. @Darthduck

    I thought the art’s been fine.  I thought his first issue writing wise was mediocre, the second one was great, but his last one had me wanting to put it down.  I can’t even remember what’s happening other than there’s some guy with a scythe who I think is the guy from Year Two and something about Hugo Strange and the Falcones. 

  5. To each their own but I really like the fact that there’s almost too much going on.

  6. Yeah, I don’t have a problem with this run. It’s good enough for what it is. I’m not an expert in the minutiae of what all’s been going on with all the support characters for the last year, but the clusterfuck of characters has been fun enough for me to see. I would think people who actually cared about Gotham at large would actually WANT to read this arc and not just skip to the next one, since–y’know–this arc actually deals with the culmination of everything with Black Mask and all the gangs and different factions? Overall Daniel’s writing has been trending downhill, but it’s still way better than his BftC mini was. I think it’s neat and something different. It looks cool enough, too. I don’t think this can just be dismissed as bad if it were a retread of ’90s Image badness. It’s alright with me. It’s just trying to entertain, throw a few little mysteries out there, have some action in every issue, manage a big cast. I don’t see anything grossly wrong. No really awful dialogue or anything.

  7. You guys want some cheese with that whine?  Everyone was praising the fact Daniel was coming back (even though nobody like BFTC) when Winnick was attached, now you’re through with him too.  Everybody’s not going to be as good as Morrison.  Get over it.

    I’m actually enjoying this title.  I didn’t think Winick’s run was too bad either.

  8. i like his art but hate his writing only reason i still red this is loyalty to batman

  9. @robbydzwonar

    I actually liked Winnick’s arc… a lot.  Never wanted him to leave. 

  10. Tony puts things together and it takes time to do ,

     his art is fantastic and as long as the story ends good I like him. 

    @robby  I liked Winnick’s run too esp. the first issue!



  11. The thing I like about this book right now is that it’s not Dick TRYING to be Batman. It’s Dick BEING his own version Batman. I don’t love it and I don’t hate it but I appreciate what Daniel is doing.

  12. I dropped this  title back in Winick’s run. But I do think that Florea does a great job inking Daniel’s stuff. I wish he would have been around during "Battle For The Cowl" towards the end.

  13. I’m really not enjoying this title as much anymore.

  14. How many more issues do we have of this? This has been terrible.

  15. @mikeandzod21

    The solicits make it look like March is the last issue of this arc 

  16. This issue was about as mediocre as comics get.  Not a single scene I liked, not a single scene I disliked.

  17. I think this was better than the previous issue but there’s way too much going on.

  18. If they re-up Tony Daniel on this after this arc ends I may just stop reading it. Can’t we get Pete Tomasi on this? He can actually write Dick. And exciting comics for that matter.

  19. And then I started losing steam…..

  20. This story hasn’t been too bad, and I really am a big fan of Tony’s pencils.  However, his Dick Grayson Batman seems more like Bruce Wayne (which Dick may be going for) while all the other titles write Batman as Dick.  When reading Batman, I still think Bruce is under the cowl….

  21. I didn’t think Winick’s run was too bad either, but there was tons of bitching about it on here when it was going on. 

    Click on Batman and look at how high the POTW percentages were through Morrison’s run and Gaiman’s issues!!  They were so much higher then, WOW!!

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