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  1. I remember being pleasantly surprised by the last issue, but it was so dense that that’s all I remember about it…

  2. This story can’t end fast enough. Last issue was the worst comic I’ve read since the chuck Austen x-men days

  3. There was an awful lot going on last issue.  Hopefully things will start to clear up here.

  4. Please have less text, please have less text …

  5. I’ve enjoyed this more that Batman & Robin, well thats not hard. Loving the art and the Black Mask stuff.

  6. When was it exactly that Black Mask became important? I remember doing the whole "War Games" storyline he was such a big deal and I had never heard of him, and I’d been reading Batman on and off for a long, long time.

  7. @Luke – I am with you… I will take Batman and Tony Daniels over the dribble Morrison and a different artist every three months is putting out. 

  8. @Nate: I never read War Games, or War Crimes for that matter, but from what I understand, Catwoman killed the original Black Mask.  This is a new Black Mask who just might be the mayor of Gotham as well according to the last issue of Batman, unless it’s Black Mask in ANOTHER disguise after killing the original mayor.  They haven’t put that much detail into it yet though.

    @BrikHed:  I’m surprisingly enjoying this arc because I didn’t think much of Battle For The Cowl, although I didn’t exactly hate it either.  I wouldn’t go as far as saying I like it as much as Morrison’s run though, especially the first three issues he did with Quitely.  Daniel’s art looks way better than Phillip Tan’s though.

  9. batman needs a new writer fast. please bring back judd winick

  10. Judd’s arc was good and Tony’s is good too, I like how DC has been switching it up.

  11. I am only reading this because it is Batman and it takes a lot to make me drop a core Bat book. But this one is trying hard…

  12. Not surprising that a reader who still thinks the guy’s last name is DanielS would prefer this over Morrison’s "dribble"….

    I’m liking this okay. Daniel’s writing has definitely improved since BftC, but I didn’t even hate that mini as much as most people, because I thought its action redeemed it. It was superficial, but still fun. I can definitely see the flaws in this current arc–especially after a few negative reviews pointed them out to me–but as it is I’ve just had a good time reading it, not expecting anything too great and being happily surprised that Daniel’s story is actually kinda interesting.

  13. How much longer is Daniels going to be writing?

  14. @Mister J

    At least through February

  15. I am not really enjoying this, but there’s only three to go in this run.  Should I just finish the arc?  Arghh.

  16. @Slockhart-Thanks.

  17. I am finding this awfully boring.

  18. I’m loving this book, lots happenning and great characterization.

  19. I’m dropping this.  Its the weakest of the Bat books

  20. Is it just me, or is there so much going on in this story that it’s getting harder & harder to keep up? Daniel is following the Morrison style of writing — "add in as many story elements as possible, if it all fits together or makes sense is not important."

  21. When is Daniel going to be off this book? Confession: I complained when I found out that Winnick was going to be on this book…….. I truly enjoyed his very brief run. This run (Tony Daniel) has been awful.

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