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  1. I thought the last issue was DEAD ON.  I’m more excited about this then Batman & Robin!!  Weren’t they just calling The Ministry of Death, The Ministry Of Science not even an issue ago?

  2. I saved #692 from last week so I’ll be reading them pretty much back to back, I’m lookingh foward to this week of books, lots of cool BatMan stories being told.

  3. After ‘Battle for the Cowl’ DC is not going to sucker me into buying anything written by Daniel

  4. I don’t remember the last issue at all, and it was only two weeks ago.  I’m not even sure if that’s my fault or the comic’s.

  5. Previous issue really surprised me because the writing was actually very solid. Plus I’ve always thought Daniel’s art was neat lookin’. I’m surprised Red Robin at the moment has more pulls than this, but it’s still early.

  6. The first issue of Tony Daniel’s Batman was surprisingly good.  I’m looking forward to this. 

  7. @MisterJ: You really should give the man another shot.  I think BFTC probably sucked because of editorial reasons.

  8. Fuck!!! I forgot to take this off my pull list. so now I’ll havta buy it! >:~(

  9. I didn’t really care for the art or the writing on the last one.  But Daniel has done good stuff in the past, so I remain hopeful.

  10. The art of Tony Daniel alone puts this over Batman and Robin at the moment.

  11. Black Mask goodness. I second this book exciting me more than B&R

  12. last issue was solid.  Hopefully Tony D will keep up the pace

  13. I think I’m the only one that didn’t love the last issue of this. It was only okay, still definitely reading this but much more excited about B&R.

  14. For some strange reason, I wanna read this just as bad as B&R.  I’ll probably read it first actually, because I’m more ready for it since reading last issue so many times.  I need to reread B&R 4 & 5 to be ready for #6.  Shit, I might reread Batgirl 1-3 too.  Might as well get my $’s worth out these comics!!

  15. This was another solid issue. No idea why it has an average rating of 2.4 at the moment. It might not have been super fantastic writing or art, but personally I can’t see anything that someone might even consider "bad". Daniel balances a lot of characters well and keeps building the intrigue. I was real skeptical of this guy’s writing and plotting talent, but after only two issues I’m already sorry his run isn’t  going to be longer.

    @robby: Yeah, I almost always read any given issue about 2-3 times within the first month or two of getting it. If it’s a multi-part story and you’re liking it, then you may as well reread every part up to that point before reading the new issue. Some people like to wait for the trade to read the whole story all at once, but usually I like getting single issues so the whole story can be slowly revealed to me.

  16. I also have no idea why this has a rating so low.  It’s not a POTW contender, but it was a damn-fine issue.

  17. Only question: the back and forth with Blackmask seemingly taking to himself?  Did I miss something?  Am I the only one who doesn’t know what’s going on?

    Other than that, yeah solid issue.  There’s a whole lot of characters running around with a lot going on, in a good way.

  18. Yeah, much better than B&R, which I think I’ll take a break from.

    Now, maybe I have to decide between this and Streets of Gotham. . .

  19. This was not a very good issue for me.  I find the pacing to be all over the place and I don’t know what is going on.  And not in a "This is so mysterious" sense, more of a "I don’t know what is going on but I think I am supposed to."

  20. This seems all over the place. And kind of awful.

  21. @Spoons: In most cases, you aren’t supposed to know what was going on.

  22. This issue was terrible. Maybe Daniel should try wrapping up a couple story lines and characters rather than introducing a dozen new ones every issue. So f-ing dropped.

  23. Pretty much the same as last issue for me — nice art, a decent story but wayyyyyyyyyyy too overly wordy. This took me 15 hours to read. Some pages made me groan at the amount of text before I even read them. There was not a single splash page, and even the smallest of art panels had at least 17 dialogue boxes/speech bubbles in it. Boo.

    Stick to drawing Mr Daniel (you are awesome at it) or learn that less is more when it comes to comic text. Let the art tell half the story.

    He actually reads these posts, right? 

  24. Despite some clunky dialogue and diminished-by-speed art, this issue was really strong. I love that we are getting to explore different aspects of Dick as Batman. In this case, Dick having to attend the high society functions that Bruce was always going to.

  25. I thought there was definitely some clunky dialogue, but it didn’t seem too excessive by my standards. Definitely one of the better issues of Batman since the re-launch, and I’m glad I didn’t drop this book before giving Daniel a chance. Not going to be POW, but a pretty strong issue. 4/5.

  26. I don’t really think we did see anything new out of Dick. Even at the society function the scene turned into a recon mission and then an action sequence in a couple pages. Plus as if their weren’t enough villains already in this book, Tommy Elliot, Black Mask and his entire crew, the Falcones, now we have the Riddler and some new mystery chick. It is just getting ridiculous. 

  27. I like the idea that there’s almost too much going on.  Granted this isn’t the first time we’ve seen Batman stretched to the limit, it is new to see Dick being the one handling it.

  28. @USPUNX: I’m going to disagree with you there. I really like seeing Dick having to not only take over for Batman, but for Bruce Wayne too.

  29. Man this book is jammed packed! Loved it.

  30. Batgirl was fun, Batman & Robin was okay, but Batman is bad ayass! We got awesome artwork and a book that has everything but the kitchen sink. With all the plot threads Daniels has going on this could end badly, but two issues in and we get a Bat book full of character moments, mysteries, action and the best written Dick out there. Dick’s being pushed to the limit and he is really feeling what it’s like to be Batman.

  31. @Luke: I agree.  I can’t believe this is the same guy who wrote Battle For The Cowl!  These past two issues have been superb.

    @Conor:  Bruce was at the party, it just wasn’t the real Bruce.

    @Flapjaxx:  I can’t tradewait Batman comics.  I am just too into them more then anything else, plus DC takes forever about that stuff.  Vertigo on the other hand: their stuff is made for trades.

  32. @Conner: I guess I can agree with you on that. I does help to flesh out Dick in his new role and it also makes the reader realize just how much Bruce did; he wasn’t just the Caped Crusader.

  33. I find this book to be so much better than Batman & Robin right now… this is closer to what I want to see out of Batman than what Morrison is putting out lately

  34. Sounds like I picked the wrong book to drop, maybe I should have kept this and droped B & R.

  35. This was fucking awful. The worst comic I’ve read in a very long time. The diologue was terrible, the story forcefull complex, the story telling just bad, and the art way below what we’ve seen daniels do before. Congradulations, you have earned my first one star rating. And I have to put up with four more issues of this shit. Dammit.

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