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  1. I will give Mr. Daniel one issue to wow me.

  2. Agreed. I didn’t much care for Winnick’s run on the book, until the last issue. I’m itching to drop a book, I might drop this and pick i up with 700 in a few months.

  3. Counting all reviews and message board comments, what is the over/under on how many times people will refer to Tony Daniel as "Tony Daniels" this week?

  4. @flapjazz I think we should just say screw it and just call him Tony Danza for our sanity.

  5. I’m with you fellas.  I thought BftC was mediocre at best and now DC is trying to pass him off as the second coming?

  6. @flapjaxx and @PraxJarvin – I’ve never noticed anyone calling him Tony Daniels.  Given the fact that he is writing, drawing, and doing the cover himself, he probably deserves to have his name pluralized.

    Those Tony Daniels really killed it this week.

  7. @stuclach: Hah! That’s a good rationale for calling him Tony Daniels: one Tony Daniel does the art and the other one writes. Seriously, though, on iFanboy and on other sites for some reason it seems like a fourth of the people pluralize his last name.

    I’m buying this issue. I thought BftC was entertaining; the writing was pretty much awful, but I enjoyed the plot and art in much the same way that I’d enjoy an issue of Spawn in ’94. I can be an elitist snob sometimes; or sometimes I can be an enjoyer of whatever the masses like this week; but there’s a part of me that can also enjoy crap that I would have enjoyed when I was 14–even if I kinda knew the stuff was subpar back then.

    Hopefully Tony just takes us on a fun ride with lots of charmingly "edgy" art, violent moments, and overdramatic/angry dialogue. That’s all I’m looking for here. Fun, "edgy", dark and simplistic, with lots of sinister villains baring toothy sneers, and heroes in overdramatic action poses. I can appreciate that stuff every now and then.

  8. @flapjaxx – That post makes me think you should be writing the book.  I’d buy the issue you described.

  9. @flapjaxx Hey, early Spawn was pretty decent. 😉

  10. Really wish DC was quicker with putting out trades, I wanna move to trades on this but I won’t remember in 5 years when it comes out.

  11. I wish this wasn’t happening.

  12. I liked the issues with Winnick. I did not like Battle at all. Let’s see how Mr. Danza does here!

  13. Winnick finally writes a good issue & then he’s gone! lol. I’m with you guys being worried about an artist writing one of the biggest books in all of comic-dom (even if it’s not really Batman in it right now), but it’s only a temporary gig, right? I mean Daniel, not Dick 😉 Surely DC will bring on a big name writer for issue #700 — Batman Back From The Dead! … right?

  14. dropping this until it’s gets interesting again.

  15. The dudes on the IGN Smash! Podcast said they already read this issue a week in advance and it is some good shit.  Those guys were really eager to see Winick leave though.  Sounds a little bias.

    I’ll still buy it anyway cuz I’m a Batmaniac.

  16. A much as I love Batman, I didn’t pick up Battle for the Cowl, so I don’t know how Daniel’s writing was. I’d assume there was plenty of editorial direction, so perhaps he’ll really shine with more freedom. Again, that’s completely conjecture on my part.

  17. guys, would this be a good JOP?

  18. @NathanNicado: Jump right in.

  19. @conor : tnx sir.

  20. I’m looking forward to this, winnicks run was not that great but didn’t drop it b/c i knew what was coming. I’d buy it just for the art alone but the story has to be better than it has been.

  21. I’m glad Mark RAGley is off the book now. Never cared for his art.

  22. …and dropped.

  23. The art is really improved but I have no idea where this story is going.

  24. one more…i’ll give it just one more…

  25. Dropped. I’ll be back w/ 700. The story was boring, and moved at a slow pace. In places it was overly wordy. I’m also curious what happened to Daniel’s art. I associate his style with a Jim Lee/Todd McFarlane-type  style, here it looks like Kia Asimaya (And that is no compliment). I can only imagine it’s the inker? It’s not bad, certainly tolerable, but not at all a style I’m a fan of. Oh well. 2/5 for me. 

  26. I think the story is starting out solid and I look foward to how it developes. The art I enjoyed. Daniels style seemed to have changed a little since his last run, but is still really good. I think its a good start.

  27. Not sure what is happening but it seems like a lot of stuff is being set up. I’m interested.

  28. Did I miss an issue?  Last I remember was two-face knocking out dick in the cave.  Hmm…, that sounds kind of dirty…

  29. @albatross Apparently you did. Batman #691 came out two weeks ago and contained the resolution of the Two-Face story.

  30. I cant wait for next issue for the huntress/batman teamup!

  31. Prax basically summed up how I felt about the issue, but I didn’t mind the art quite as much. 3/5.

  32. Dropped again I will read Batman again when Daniel is off this book. 



  33. Sorry Sir Conor, I didn’t jump in.

    I didn’t like the art.

    I’m not shallow, judging only based on the art , I read B&R.. But Morrison’s storytelling more than makes for Philip Tan’s art.

  34. The art was really nice, & the story is pretty decent/interesting, but Mr Daniel … please give your panels some room to breath!!!!!! Too much unnecessary dialogue/text boxes, wayyyyy too much.

  35. I liked this more than I thought I would, but I think it was only because of Catwoman.  Take Selina out of it, and this would have bored me.  And what the hell was Black Mask wearing?  When did that happen?

  36. I enjoyed it, apparently that puts me in the minority.  Maybe it’s the spirit of the season, but the first page really grabbed me.  The grays, the dead or leafless trees, the city in the background.  Batman, mood and all, displayed in one page.

    Not that Daniels isn’t without his faults but I liked enough to continue, for now.


  37. Blasphemy I know, but I liked this more than Detective. Mostly cause Black Mask is my fave Bat rogue.

  38. I loved this issue. I’m about to read it again.

  39. I enjoyed this issue a surprisingly large amount.  I didn’t expect that.  Good job Tony Daniels.. good job. 

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