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  1. I’m having a very hard time taking the Penguin seriously.  Can anyone suggest a trade that features the Penguin doing something interestingly villainous?  Has he ever been scary?  I thought he was pretty interesting in the Joker’s Asylum one shot that featured him, but nothing else.

  2. @stuclach

    I don’t know if there’s a hardcore Penguin story, but it should definitely be called "The Waddling Joke" 

  3. @stuclach "Gotham Underground" was pretty good at making the Penguin a behind the scenes villain. However, 9 issues was a bit ambitious, so it reads a little long. As well, it’s heavily based off of the villains disappearing for "Salvation Run."

    This is the next Bat-book on my chopping block. It’s hard not to expect more than a solid Batman story, but with Streets of Gotham and Batman and Robin, this book is suffering. Let alone, the other (Detective) three are blowing Bagley out of the water on art.

  4. @ stuclach and Praxjarvin

    I was going to recommend Gotham Underground myself. I enjoyed the story and it helped me learn alot about the great DCU as I’m new to it.

    Does the Penguin need a reboot to make him a bit more of a threat?

  5. @stuclach – Joker asylum penguin is a great jason aaron penguin story

  6. @Stuc – I concur on the Gotham Underground suggestion as a more ambitious Penguin tale.

    I dropped this, along with Dark Avengers. A little piece of me has died.. err, two little pieces of me have died. Just couldn’t take anymore of Bagley’s art or Winnick’s weak Dick. Hehe 

  7. Agreed. This hasn’t been bad, but I really only need B&R, Tec, and Red Robin. I think I’ll drop it after this arc is done. I can do without the Tony Daniel when I’ve got Grant writing a verile Dick.

  8. This may also be the first Bat-book to get dropped. I’m loving B & R and Detective. Sticking with Streets of Gotham and Red Robin. (never started Sirens). Both the story and art aren’t really making it for me. This will be the last shot for this title.

  9. I like how TWO-Face figured out this was not Batman and set a trap Dick fell in even though he saw it coming.  I also like how Alfred and Dick have worked with each other and help each other with their emotions.  This book has been better than I expected.

  10. i might be in the minority, but i think this issue so far has been a solid read. its not great, but personally i dont think it sucks like some of you are saying. not to take away from the other "Bat" stories, they are GREAT and maybe better, but cmon this isn’t that bad guys!

  11. I’m with iBatboy here. I don’t understand the hate with the art on this boo. I’ve really been enjoying Bagley’s work on this.

  12. I think this is one of the better Batbooks, but what do I know.  I dropped Streets after the first issue and have been wanting to drop Detective since Rucka/Williams’s first issue

  13. This was my least favorite outta my four Bat-books (Confidential, Streets, B&R, Batman) but now I’m starting to like it more after last issue.  I’m not droppin.  What am I saying? I’d never drop a Batman book.

  14. @stuclach

    I agree with TopGun. Aaron’s Penquin story is the only great one I ever have seen.


  15. I’m having a hard time with "Streets", but I really dig the new direction.  I also really liked how Two-Face figured it out.  Nothing more than a smile gives it all away.  Also, besides the Jason Aaron story, I can’t think of anything else.  He was a major player in the "Gotham Underground" mini, but that’s about it.  He’s not that big of a deal anymore.

  16. Thank you for all the feedback.

    I enjoyed Gotham Underground, but didn’t find Penguin to be particularly imposing in it.  I should have mentioned that I read it.

    As I mentioned in my first post, I did read Jason Aaron’s story about the Penguin (that is from the Joker’s Asylum series of one-shots).  I found it to be excellent and the Penguin was appropriately cold-hearted in it.

    I was hoping to get a suggestion for another trade that features him menacingly.  I’m afraid that may not exist.  He seems like a character just waiting to be used in an interesting fashion.  I’d love to see Morrison make solid use of him.

  17. @TheLastSon21: I liked Streets a lot when Batman Reborn first launched but I like Batman #689 more than Streets Of Gotham #3 so it’s like they switched places or something.

    @stulach: Go on Ebay and dig up Detective #600 through 630.  I got that run for like eight bucks and it had like three Penguin arcs in it.  The Penguin Affair was one, then there is another one where he faked his death to get out of Arkham or some shit.  Dini’s recent Detective run had a bit of the Penguin in it too now that he has his own nightclub. Wasn’t The Penguin a big shot in No Mans Land too.  I thought he was the supply guy or something.  There is plenty of Penguin out there.  You just have to look around.  I don’t know how much of it is still in continuity after all the crisis crap but you can just use your imagination a lil…

  18. @robbydzwonar – Thank you for the suggestions.  I will see if I can find that Detective Comics run collected somewhere (I prefer trades to backissues for storage/durability reasons).  I have read pieces of No Man’s Land.  I’ll see if I can grab it at a discount this weekend at Dragon*Con.  I don’t really care if it is in continuity or not.  I’d just like to see a nice arc that feature the Penguin being worth a damn.

  19. Detective and B&R have been my favorites.  I haven’t cared for this book so far, really don’t like Red Robin, and Streets has been hit or miss.

  20. @stuclach Hey, i’m going to Dragon Con!

    How many people are going to Dragon Con?

  21. @magnum240 – I assume I will see you in Comic Artists Alley.  I have taken the time to put my username on the back of my iFanboy t-shirt just above the word INTERN via iron on letters.  I should be hard to miss.

    I hope to see you there. 

  22. @stulach: The Penguin Affair starts in Batman #448, then you have to read Detective #615 for part two, and then it all wraps up in Batman #449.  It’s a solid little three parter.  It’s old as hell so you can probably get all three issues for cheap as hell in somebody’s back issue bin.  I don’t think there is a trade for it but you could prove me wrong there.

  23. Bagley art aside, this run has been average at best. I’m out as soon as this arc is over. Daniel’s Battle for the Cowl was not good enough to get this in Winick/Bagley’s absence. This fill-in, take over, inconsistent creative action is quite simply, poor editorial planning. I’d prefer to follow the books the writers are writing, not the editors or the creators simply holding time for other folks to come back or future "event" plans (or late deadlines in some cases).

  24. @robbydzwonar – Thank you for looking that up for me.  Very helpful.


    So Penguin was even more inept than I expected him to be.  At this point I feel like I have to ask why he is even used in the book? I like the character, but he is absolutely superfluous in these stories.  

    Oh well, the rest of the book seemed relatively solid…until the last page.  Is it just me or does it seem somewhat out of character for Two Face to be wearing that costume?  He doesn’t seem that showy (for lack of a more appropriate term) to me.  I know Two Face is a primary rogue for Dick, but this seems a bit silly.

  26. The outfit was weird but I kinda dig it. Harvey has kinda been losing it lately and it’s pretty sweet in a fun 70’s kinda way. I thought bagley did a really good job of making it look like it wasn’t just bruce with a smile in the suit. Batman looked like Nightwing with a cape during the fight and it was awesome.

  27. @RoiVampire – I agree.  It appears that Bagley is taking the time to make this Batman look more like Dick than Bruce.  It still doesn’t feel as unique as Quitely’s (to me), but it is still quite good.

  28. @stuclach I’ll track you down to discuss the finer points of the way Timm and Dini changed the Penguin into the toothless fool he appears to be now.  Honestly he’s better now.  You wonder how you’re supposed to take him seriously?  At least he’s a behind the scenes player at this point.  Imagine trying to believe in him as a villain that attacks Batman with nefarious umbrellas.  Trust me, you’re better off.

  29. This is issue was better than I expected. I gave it a 4/5. It’s a bit more generous than I would like it, but it was better than previous issues which I rated a 3. Did love the bit with the coin. Stu calls Penguin superfluous. I really feel this entire title is superfluous. I just don’t see its place between Streets of Gotham and Batman and Robin. I felt Bagley’s in-costume Dick looked great, but I’m still seeing Norman Obsorne instead of Two-Face. And, sadly, Bagley’s Batman just doesn’t compare to other takes. Including the Jesus Saiz Bamtan in the Brave and the Bold ad that’s near the end of the book.

  30. @stulac: I think there was a one shot issue of Batman written by Brubaker which showed what happens when Penguin manages to kill Batman. Lots of fun and a great ending. Unfortunately I do not know the issue number but maybe someone here will. I think he also showed up a few times in Gotham Central and that was good.

    This issue was decent. I’m not really a fan of Bagley and Winick is hit or miss. I’m basically reading this waiting for Tony Daniel to come on but I must admit, the ending has me interested.

  31. @magnum240 – I think he can be useful as a villain.  The Joker’s Asylum book by Jason Aaron that has been mentioned in this thread is pretty strong evidence.

    @PraxJarvin – I can certainly see where you are coming from.  I think a book focusing on Dick’s transition is useful, but this hasn’t been what I wanted it to be.

    @ProjectX2 – I’ll see if I can find that at Dragon*Con this weekend.  I like Brubaker’s work and that sounds like an interesting story. 

  32. Just got back from work, I’ll read my 690 now and put up a review in a few hours. *AFK*

  33. this issue did sorta explain why penguin is currently black mask bitch in streets of gotham.

  34. Personally I’m loving this book. Especially the Bagley art. In my opinion the worse Batbook is Detective. As much as everyone loves the art in it, I just find it out of place in a comic book. I’m more of a Perez, Bagley, Gary Frank kind of person.

  35. @Stulach: I didn’t have to look it up, I have like a million issues of Batman, Detective, and LOTDK.  I’ll let you know if I come up upon any Penguin stuff next time I inventory my collection…

  36. @Prax – Now all I see is Norman as well…

    Good, nothing great.  I"m not sure if I loved or hated the last panel it did what it’s supposed to do.  I’ll be back for the next issue.

  37. I dug this. Probably the best issue of BATMAN since the REBORN re-launch. I thought the art was especially on-point this time. 4/5.

  38. I am really enjoying this series, the artwork is fun. I’m also especially fond of the $2.99 price for a great story.

  39. What is going to happen when Tony Daniels takes over?  Is he going to be writing and on art duties?  If so, at least I know his arc will wrap up quick.  I don’t think Judd Winick is going to be coming back that soon regardless.  I was actually bashing on Winick when Reborn first launched but I’m starting to enjoy this just as much as Under The Hood now.

  40. @robbydzwonar I believe Tony Daniel is writing and drawing a 6 issue arc. No idea what happens after that though.

  41. I have no idea what to make of this yet.

  42. Dropping this I’m afraid.  Two-faces’ outfit on the final panel didn’t help any.  I’m just not feeling like I’m in the same world as in "Batman and Robin" and it is that world which I’m interested in, after not reading Batman for many a year!

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