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  1. Sick cover!

  2. I have to say… This book I’m on the fence about. I already made the executive decision to dump GCS and RR this week. Loosing another Bat book wouldn’t be bad.

  3. I’m kind of hoping that the final cover is colored… I’ve never been a fan of sketch covers.

  4. I would never drop a title in the middle of an arc, but thats just the collector in me.


    I like the troubled rise of Dick Grayson to the Bat mantle, so far so good to me.

  5. @reform I used to be that way, but try unloading unwanted issues of an arc you weren’t happy with.

  6. I can’t wait until they get to the point where they stop talking about how Grayson is Batman now, and Batman is just Batman.  Out of all the Bat-stuff I got since Batman Reborn, Judd Winick’s arc has been my least favorite but I still like it enough to buy it.  I think Two Face might pull something off.  He’s up to something.

    I might be growing broke soon so this could get dropped when Tony Daniels comes back.  Not that I’ll really want to, I just might HAVE to.

  7. great cover, but last issue kinda had me doubting the seemingly perfect batman books. Hope this gets me pumped again for this series.

  8. That is a ridiculous cover.  I hope that’s what’s on the issue.

  9. Certainly not the best Bat-book, but I’m willing to read the first arc.

  10. I kind of like the personal angle this story is taking.  I’m getting plenty of action in the other books.

  11. is issue #688 the beginning of this arc? i kinda want to jump on this book but don’t know where a reasonable place to start is.

  12. yeah but 687 was an EXTREMELY good issue. Stand-alone BFTC epilogue.

  13. looks like i’ll be picking up 3 Batman comics then! thanks….. Fvckstick….. (such an awkward name to type)

  14. @robbydzwonar:  I think that "Batman" has been the weakest of the bat titles since the relaunch.  I don’t know why DC didn’t push for more quality in "Batman" because it is after all Batman’s flagship title.  However it’s still pretty good and I’ve enjoyed it.  I’ll probably get attacked for saying this but I enjoyed Ed Benes’s art more than Mark Bagley’s but both were good.  I didn’t think I’d pick up all these bat titles but damn they are so fun to read.  The only one I have absolutely no interest in is Azrael.

  15. @Fvckstick so i picked up Batman 686 and it says it’s the beginning of a 2 part series….

  16. I thought this was solid.  Too bad Daniel is coming back before Winnick even gets started.

  17. @SteenAR – yeah, that is the Gaimen arc right? The issue you bought is the two part that continues in I THINK Detective #853. "What Happened to the Cape Crusader" or something along those lines is what it’s called. Solid two part IMO.  The issue i said was the awesome stand-alone was Batman 687. not sure if you misread my post or not =S


    This issue i felt was lacking something. Maybe it’s because i’m so used to Bagley on USM, that i constantly see spidey’s cast. I think it was the very first page, or maybe the second, but i swear i saw Kingpin with his arms around some ladies.

  18. I really wanted to not like this, b/c I’m trying to decide which of the 3 main Bat books to stay with, but so far, I like ’em all!

  19. i loved bagley’s art as a kid when i used to read spider-man.  but, his work on batman just doesn’t seem right.  His spindley looking figures doesn’t fit the look of the caped crusader.

  20. after a tasting of all the "new" batman books, I’ve decided to stick with Detective and Batman & Robin, while dropping the rest. While still good (but not great) reads, I don’t have the $ or time to read everything.

  21. Well played Cromulent.  Those are the keepers.

  22. @mrmcdaniel- I see what you’re saying about Bagley’s art, at first I thought he had the totally wrong art style for a Batman book … but for a Batman-Temporary-Replacement book? I think his cartoony style fits the more "light" style that Dick’s brings to the role of Batman. Dude sure doesn’t like to draw backrounds, though! lol.

    As for the writing, I’m not a huge Winnick fan, but I think after this issue I’m seeing what he does well — the emotional moments. He’s pretty good at writing them, the Dick/Alfred stuff in this title have been the highlight, but everything else is pretty bland (IMO!).

  23. Made it about half way thru and I got so sick of Bagley’s character models all looking exactly the same that I had to set it down. I’m with Robby on the whole, "let’s get on with it already". Even more so, "let’s talk about what happened to Bruce a bit".

    Anyways, I know I’m alone on this, but, "Bring on Tony Daniel already!"


  24. I’ll second that FACE. I dig some Tony Daniel.

  25. Yeah, I agree with FACE that all Bagley’s characters look pretty much the same, I’ll be happier when Daniel is back … & Winnick is gone.

  26. I am waiting for this pick up.

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