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kwisdumb11/21/08NoRead Review


  1. Art: 4/5
    Story: 4/5

    Continues to impress. I’ve always been fascinated with Cassandra Cain’s character, and it’s sad that I don’t see more people reading this book. I think it’ll ultimately do better in trade, though.

    Onto the review, I think this book was a great set-up issue. It gives a little bit of information about who Cassandra Cain is, how much this mission means to her and what she’s willing to do to fulfill it. The only thing I don’t buy is that she could Incapacitate Nightwing with a kick to the chin, but that’s nitpicking. Great issue of a story that I only see getting better. Can’t wait for the conclusion!

  2. I’ve been enjoying this, and it’s surprisingly been one of the better batbooks that’s been put out recently.

  3. i have a theory that the new vigilante is jean-paul valley.

  4. It was an OK issue, not much happened, though. Seems like the same amount of story could easily have been told in half the pages. Maybe I’m just upset that Deathstroke wasn’t in it … lol.

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