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Still reeling from the shocking return of a major figure with secrets from her past, Batgirl goes on the hunt for the terrifying killer Gretel, whose eerie and violent power over the men of Gotham City leaves no one safe – not even guest star Bruce Wayne!

Written by GAIL SIMONE

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Avg Rating: 3.8
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  1. I liked the first arc. I’m a sucker for a good new villain. I’d love something that really complements Babs (i.e. Alice vs. Batwoman).

  2. i enjoyed the first arc of this book and look forward to this one.

  3. This title has been pretty good, but I’m still waiting for even a taste of the greatness that Simone showed us she was capable of in Secret Six.

  4. Parri (@pazzatron) says:

    It’s a busy week for my stack and this is on the “maybe drop” list. While elements of the first arc were pretty cool it seemed like a rushed and unfullfilling conclusion in the last couple of issues. Plus the ‘tease’ of Babs’ recovery story annoyed more than it whetted the appetite.

    In short: make or break issue.

  5. Thank goodness this starts a new arc. I couldn’t go back and read all those previous issues again without going nuts. That was the only true downside of The New 52. I always had to, and still have to, go back and backtrack on past issues almost constantly!!

  6. This is one of my favorite titles of the New 52. I especially liked the Nightwing issue. Hope this arc is even better!

  7. ddddddddropped. hate how the elephant in the room (ya know the walking bit) continues to be dragged along into the 5th issue. Babs’s wheelchair and the Joker’s face are likely on vacation somewhere in the bahamas right now. Batman in 20 books this month does not interest me either. i’ll look in again after this arc, but the book really needs a boost.

  8. IDK why im still picking this up. The first arc was the worst thing i read from the new 52. The art is so comic book generic and Gail Simone is trying so hard to make batgirl “quirky” and “witty” via those inner monologue boxes it’s obnoxious. Why does Simone suck so bad? If this isnt drastically better i am definitely dropping…probably.

  9. I’m enjoying this more than expected. I thought This would be dropped , but I really enjoyed this issue.

  10. The interiors might be a little bit plain but at least I can understand what the hell is going on. Not to name any names, but there are a few pencilers out there who just aren’t great storytellers. These people are nowhere near that section.

  11. Scored a perfect 5 straight up for me!


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