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  1. Are those explosives?

  2. Nope.  They are square mice with really long tails.

  3. Deathstroke?  Yes please.

  4. "Ewwwww…mice! I’m a girl!"

  5. Four outta four issues, the cover has got the colours of the symbol on Batgirl’s chest wrong. What’s up with that?

  6. man i would like more raveger and batgirl teamups. they have good dynamics with eachother because there similar. Next issue looks awesome with the batfamily gathering

  7. Ths story will make a really good tpb.  This fourth issue brings it all together nicely, I like how the plot and the character moments work.  I wish it had *started* better as a miniseries . . . .

  8. Batgirl + Deathstroke = Awesome.

    I love this book.

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