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  1. This book takes a little bit of my soul when the three dollars passes from me to Adam Beechen.

  2. That would cause one to wonder why you are buying it, then.

  3. I’m a whore for Cassandra Cain.

  4. this book is’nt *that* bad.

  5. I like it enough to keep buying it. It’s entertaining enough for a couple of quid.

  6. This book is awesome!

    The return of Batgirl & two other chicks kickin’ ass all over town versus beefed up female super assassins & the main villain is Deathstroke — what’s not to like?

  7. Yeah… I totally dropped this…. Because it’s not awesome…

  8. I want to see how Batgirl comes back into the fold with the other members of the bat family.  I enjoyed Beechen’s run on Robin and Countdown to Adventure, and have been enjoying this miniseries, particularly the first issue.  I wouldn’t call it awesome (there aren’t too many things I call just awesome), but I do think it’s worth reading and would recommend it.

  9. i have to say, i am enoying this book very much

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