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“Screwed” takes on a whole new meaning for Stephanie Brown as The Reapers speed up their nefarious plan, going toe-to-toe with Batgirl in the heart of Blackgate. But who are the Reapers working for, and why? Answers to both those questions and more await Batgirl as “The Lesson” concludes.

Written by BRYAN Q. MILLER

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  1. I will savor this like one of the last bites from a really good meal.

  2. The title of this issue pays homage to all the fans of the current Batgirl series come September’s relaunch. I’m going to miss Stephanie in the batsuit, Miller’s writing and Dusty’s covers!

  3. Every single issue of Batgirl by Bryan Q . Miller has been great.

  4. My LCS didn’t get this in today’s shipment 🙁

  5. I got on board late-but loved it and I am very upset Miller isnt getting to write a book for the DC new U.

  6. Miller definately hooked me with his witty dialogue on this title.  I, too, hope DC wakes up and puts him on a book!

  7. @Dietz82  he might get to write for the new wave of releases.

  8. Oh, Steph. How I will miss you. Soooooooooo sad to hear that you’ll be taking an extended vacation to Limbo.

    What a great issue.

  9. This book turns me into a 13 year old girl every fucking time. I actually had the thought of “girl power!” when Star Girl, supergirl, bombshell and miss Martian showed up. Fantastic book. I don’t think I need to say what everyone else is saying, but it’s a goddamn shame Miller isn’t on this and that Stephanie is nowhere to be found. It’s almost as bad as not relaunching Red Rob… Oh. DAMNIT!

  10. @Slockhart  Agreed 100!

  11. Wow…amazing story, and a nice surprise ending.  (For me at least, I didn’t see that coming at all!)  I am really going to miss Miller’s Batgirl…I hope the reboot series lives up to this amazing run.

  12. The “Fem Five,” very nice.

  13. or how about “Shezam”?

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