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  1. Last issue really stank.  Hopefully they got all the exposition out of the way to make room for some awesome in this issue.

  2. Yeah, someone please tell DC to use the recap pages like Marvel does, and then get on with telling the story. It’s a good idea, they need to swallow thier pride & take it on board.

    I still have hopes this series can redeem this awesome character after some flat out stupid character choices by the writers/editors. The character was totally ruined by the "turning evil" thing, even if it did come out it was all "mind control" by Deathstroke, they basically threw her out of the Bat-books for way too long.

  3. I think the problem is that DC will be accused of ripping off Marvel if they use the recap pages at the beginning.  They should though, it would have helped last issue. 

  4. I hope they do good with this because I remember loving the character in No Mans Land.


  5. I’ve always loved Cassandra Cain… I just hope they can bring her back. She’s a killer now? Really? That’s what they’re doing with her?

  6. Anybody else say to themselves when the ending happened "tune in next time, same bat-time, same bat-channel"?

  7. This was awful. I frakkin love Cassandra Cain, and I keep getting this feeling that this just isn’t her. Ugh.

  8. This is just odd.

    It wasn’t good, it wasn’t awful… it just was. And to me that’s about as bad as something can be. I’d rather hate a book than feel absolutely nothing about it.

  9. Beechen has the best handle on the Batfamily sense the Chuck Dixon heyday.  This is exciting.

  10. This was awesome! Deathstroke, Batgirl, Daughters Of Cain … I’m loving it.

  11. I don’t know where the hate is coming from.  It’s been good, not great, but good.  Granted, I have no prior knowledge of Cassandra Cain.

  12. Different strokes for different folks, Kory. I’m with you though, I loved this issue & I have read pretty much every book Batgirl (this version) has ever been in.

    Anyone else notice the logo on Batgirl’s chest is wrong on the cover? Pretty obvious mistake to let by.

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