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• Barbara Gordon must deal with the fallout from “DEATH OF THE FAMILY” in this issue that will forever change her status quo in The New 52!

• What does James Gordon Jr. have planned for his sister, Batgirl?

Story by Ray Fawkes
Art by Daniel Sampere & Vicente Cifuentes
Colors by Blond
Letters by Dave Sharpe
Cover by Juan Jose Ryp & Tomeu Morey

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Sam LeBas02/16/13YesRead Review
Avg Rating: 3.4
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    1. I want to like this book more than I do but it just isn’t there. I don’t care about her brother at all. I’ve only been reading this since issue 10 so I don’t have any pre- new 52 backstory about him. Am I missing something? Cause as it stands now he’s lame and I feel like giving this book a rest.

      • I thought the way they introduced Jame’s inner dialogue wasn’t great–came off stilted, forced and unclear rather than mysterious. And, if you don’t do someone’s inner dialogue well–then who can get into the character much?

        I gave this issue my lowest Batgirl 52 score so far. The plot worked for me, but….I don’t want James to take over Batgirl’s title. He’s a villain, a psycho yes, however I don’t want him to feel stronger than Batgirl, like he pulls the strings more than she does, especially when she’s trying to hero.

        James can be pretty intense, but his intensity has worked better in other stories, where he’s more behind the scenes–where his potential of threat feels the nastiest. The assumption is he’s a born serial killer, but to have him more out in the open etc, doesn’t work as well in my opinion.

        Looking forward to having Gail Simone back on the issues.

      • I agree totally with that assessment, on the plus side having these two issues done in a different POV makes it a very easy transition back to Gail with issue #19. James is more effective as a character when you are only privy to the results of his actions and planning. Ray Fawkes did a fine job telling this tale, but I would have no interest in it if it weren’t going to be followed by the return of Gail Simone.

      • @ I-Doll, Yeah spot on. great post. I also prefer the relationship between Jim and James. Jim’s utter horror and repulsion of having a son like James, And the guilt he feels from feeling like that. And he wants to trust him, but there is always the suspicion.
        Barbara is more straight forward. she just knows he’s a nutter.

      • If you want some great back story on James, check out Batman: The Black Mirror from Detective Comics just before new 52. Great stuff.

      • Yeah, Detective Comics #871-881 is one of the best runs ever. By Scott Snyder I might add.

    2. I didnt even realize that Simone didnt write this issue until i opened it up and started reading it. Talk about a shock right there.
      Wont say the issue was horrible, but it was did get the lowest rating i’ve given batgirl since the relaunch, but Gail’s return is two issues away so im not to bothered by it..

    3. No disrespect meant towards Ray Fawkes, but I’ve dropped these 2 x issues. Whatever editorial brief he’s writing to, I’m not interested. Seems like I won’t regret this decision.

      I look forward to reading Ray Fawkes on a title where he’s permitted to tell his own story, sometime soon.

    4. @ lepineisme Thanks for the suggestion and I’ll definitely pick that up.

    5. The issue covers a lot of ground. Wrapping-up Joker’s arc, continuing with James Jr’s crazy game, and even finding time to re-introduce Firebug, Fawkes did a good job here. The narrative feels a tad strange, though. And did Batgirl stop a rocket with a bag?

      Please check my mini-review here:

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