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• A “DEATH OF THE FAMILY” tie-in as Barbara tries to save her family from a fate much worse than death!

• Has Batgirl come this far just to fall victim once again to The Joker?

Written by Gail Simone
Art by Ed Benes
Cover by Ed Benes

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Andrew Gaboury11/15/12YesRead Review
Avg Rating: 4.0
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  1. I’ve not been reading Batgirl, but this may pull me back. Very interested in seeing this confrontation!

  2. Im confused by New 52 continuity in the Batman titles. If Batgirl is back and not crippled (The Killing Joke), then why do reviews keep mentioning Batgirl falling victim to Joker once again?

    • The Killing Joke still happened, but she healed from her injuries.

    • Thanks Conor! I should have just asked you directly, since you are the “DC guy”. So having read so many Batman stories over the years, how do I know which ones are in continuity and which ones are out?

    • @daddy_ak74: There’s really no way to know until DC says something is in continuity.

    • @cskilpatrick: OK I will just have to enjoy the stories and assume the “old” DCU Batman stories still matter. BTW I still laugh every time I think about your comment on POTW podcast #350. When you guys were talking about your likes and Ron was thinking about it you said “small boobs”. You had me laughing for awhile on that one…

    • Basically the one thing I’m sure of that has changed in the new 52 is Stephanie Brown was never Robin, never Batgirl, or has never even existed I don’t think. Not sure about Cassandra Cain.

    • Last I heard, in the New 52, Barbara and only Barbara was ever Batgirl — no Cassandra & no Stephanie. Sigh . . .

    • I still don’t understand why we could keep all the Robins (which is great), but had to drop two of our favorite Batgirls? Sighs, at least we can re-read Cassandra’s and Stephanie’s stories.

  3. This is only the 2nd batgirl comic i’ve ever read. 13 being the first.
    I gotta say this issue in particular was stellar!
    Not sure if it was the death of the family tie in or what but this might end up on my regular pull list soon.

  4. I don’t remember any Batgirl run I ever read being all that memorable. Sometime folks just remember things better then they really were..

  5. If this issue were a woman I’d marry her. But since its not I’ll stop at ” ITS FANTASTIC!”

  6. I was hesitant to read Batgirl because I wasn’t sure how I would like the whole Barbara getting the function of her legs back but when I saw how fast Batgirl #13 sold out it sparked my curiosity. So I picked up all the back issues and was really surprised by how much I have enjoyed it. Batgirl has been pretty solid this entire run so far, which i am glad I decided to pick this series up. I was reading Catwoman but have been disappointed in that series the past few issues. After “the Death of the Family” arc I will probably be dropping Catwoman and just stick with Batgirl.

  7. Really enjoyed this issue. Never saw the twist with who was on the phone coming either. I love being surprised. Art and writing continue to be top notch on this book.

  8. Is Gail walking from Batgirl or DC entirely?

    I’m saddened by the rumours & other nuggets of information, suggesting YET AGAIN that amateurish, flawed & at times disrespectful behaviour by DC Editorial, encourages yet another fine talent to say ‘enough’s enough’ & work for . . . . anybody else!

    DC’s reservoir of top-grade writing talent is getting dangerously shallow.

    DC Editorial : in dire need of a complete & utter reboot.

    • DC fired Gail Simone from Batgirl. Via email.
      I don’t expect DC to be paragons of virtue. Comics can be a tough business. Yet, I think this shows that DC have truly lost the plot.

      They’ve treated Gail despicably. She has delivered an impressive body of work during her ‘tenure’ & certainly surprised artistic & commercial expectations with Batgirl. She was also a highly influential voice, during the controversy of the New 52 reboot. She succesfully defended DC’s intentions, far more effectively than their own senior staff & P.R.’s.

      I await her statement with interest.
      I expect the emergence of tales of ‘Editorial edicts overriding previously agreed creative direction.’ They’re getting rather common.

      The utter lack of respect shown to Gail Simone in this matter by DC Editorial, well, it’s disgraceful.

    • I’m a big fan of DC Comics, but when the company pulls stuff like this, I’m tempted to drop everything. They are alienating creators and fans. It’s like they WANT to lose business.

  9. @Metamorphic- I know how you feel. I am now considering this ‘doomsday option’ myself.

    Bob Harras is destroying DC, albeit in piecemeal fashion. Somebody, fire him already! I don’t say this lightly. I do say this sincerely.

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