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In part 3 of “The Flood,” Oracle faces off against the Calculator, while Batgirl is forced to team up with the Calculator’s daughter in an attempt to save the citizens of Gotham City from a crippling techno-plague. But who will save Batgirl from an infected and rampaging Man-Bat?

Written by BRYAN Q. MILLER

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  1. I’ve really liked these covers.  Stephanie had a neat cameo in the last JSA too.  Still enjoying.  I should probably try to go back and find the first arc.

  2. I like this so much better then Red Robin now, I don’t care what you think…

  3. @robbydzwonar You’re not wrong.

  4. I think the only people not thinking that are people who are only reading Red Robin.

  5. I can admit to liking RR in the beginning, but each issue got progressively worse.  Batgirl on the other hand is just good simple fun for the whole family.

  6. Screw all of you guys! I still love red robin. Issue 12 was an amazing batfamily issue! But I love batgirl too, and am excited to get my mits on this.

  7. Both RED ROBIN and this are excellent. I’d give RED ROBIN a slight edge.

  8. I like this cover artist. A lot of rain in his covers but he pulls it off nicely. I love Batgirl’s sexy armor plated suit. Very cool!

  9. The covers on this have been so sweet the last few issues.

  10. So this series is good. I keep reading the previews, and they look good, but I haven’t got round to picking it up. Is it worth looking at the trades?

  11. @Zeppo Definitely. Do it.

     @misterckent I agree. This cover in particular really stood out for me. Probably my favorite outside of the Phil Noto covers. 

  12. I don’t think anyone was saying Red Robin was bad… they’re both great. I’d argue they’re the best things to come from Batman Reborn.  You read that right.  My only concern is while I really liked last week’s Red Robin, it seems that Nicieza is trying to write it in a style similar to what Miller is doing over here.  I’m not sure if there’s room for two of these books in the Batverse.

    But back to Batgirl.  This issue was awesome as always.  I think I’m starting to get awesome-fatigued from it.

  13. Wow. Somehow, every month between issues, I forget how fantastic this book is. It’s ok, though, ’cause that means that it gets to knock my socks off anew every time it comes out. This Brian Q. Miller guy is running a clinic on teen heroic drama via Joss Whedon, and every issue gets better and better. Love the twists in here, the development of Wendy and Steph’s relationships, and the development of Steph in general. A great character finally gets the great series she deserves.

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