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  1. the most underrated book of the week. this deserves just as many pulls as batman & robin or daredevil. wake up people

  2. Great read. I really dig the combo of Mignola and Stenbeck. This and Witchfinder have both been a joy to read. It looks like next issue will action packed. Can’t wait.

  3. Damn! Forget about Rosemary’s Baby. This how you practice evil if you must. Can’t wait for the beginning of the next issue. There is gonna be some killin’!

  4. Excellent. SImply effed up and twisted and good times. Love this character….very underrated indeed.

  5. wow. the part where the undead nuns all turned around and looked up at our protagonists on the ledge was truly creepy. i’ve noticed that most of, if not all of the artist that mignola works with has his style of pencil work. gotta be on purpose, right? well, it works for me! 5/5 no doubt! make mine mignola.

  6. damn~! nobody else has anything to say about this?!? this title lights the roof on fire, burns down the entire block and then pisses on the ashes!

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