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  1. Looks cool, the cover is awesome, I hope this turns out to be good, that issue 0 of "Crossed" made me doubt Garth Ennis, which is sad to say coming from someone who loves preacher, the boys, and most things Garth Ennis.

  2. I have high hopes for this. Great creative team, should be fun.

  3. This is a may be. I must be getting prudish in my old age. "extreme language and hardcore violence" just doesn’t sell me like it used to.



  4. Yes please.

  5. Sorry if this is an obvious question, but this is an R rated type book, right? I mean it won’t be too censored & Mr Ennis should be able to do what he wants, yeah?

  6. I’m going to get this because it’s a very light week for me.  Plus Palmiotti is co-writing.

  7. So ‘extreme language and hard core violence’ is being used as a selling point?

  8. I’m picking this up because of Josh’s mini today.  That means I get to blame him if it sucks right?

  9. I’m tempted to pick this up, but I think I’m gonna wait and see what some of the response is.

  10. @ohcaroline – it always is with Ennis

  11. @deadspace — Why???

  12. Ennis is the one of the few writers that can pull off the ultra violence consistently in a way that I don’t feel is just a crutch. He usually backs his violence up with solid concepts and characters and actual story telling. All the same though, I’d rather just read a good story that wasn’t slimy with violence porn.

  13. @me actually that last bit i wrote was pretty snotty. I don’t know. I’m ambililant about extreme violence. I do like gore. It’s fun. It’s awesome. But too much of it…it’s gets to be sort of deadening and sleazy. I think gore is like an exclamation point. You don’t want to read something that’s all exclamation points.

  14. @ohcaroline – I dunno, ask Ennis lol. There was a similar description for Crossed #0 a few weeks back..  about extreme violence and gore etc.

  15. I’ve never read any Ennis, so I don’t have an opinion either way about his work.  This kind of thing doesn’t make me more likely to try it, though.  Not that I object to language, or violence, or any kind of content that serves the story — it just doesn’t strike me as any kind of virtue in itself. 

  16. To me, extreme violence in comics or movies is not offensive because I can’t take it seriously. When it’s so over the top, like a Tarantino movie or Sin City comics, it makes me laugh. It’s like Looney Tunes for grown ups. If I took it seriously I would probably be offended or disgusted or … something.

  17. I think violence in any narrative or artistic medium can’t be judged carte blanche but rather on a case by case basis.  In some instances, it is wholly apparopriate and possibly necessary to the story being told.  In other cases it might be excessive.  With Garth Ennis at the home, it could go either way and I’ll probably love it just the same.  Sigh.  I wish they’d just let Ennis write a "Punisher" movie.  He’s responsible for two successful, definitive yet very different takes on the character within the last decade.

  18. I’m hesistant to buy this because, unlike Preacher or The Boys, I don’t know if the violence/language will have a higher concept behind it, or if it will just be exploitative.

  19. It was ok, I think I’m going to have to read it through to make final judgement though. The art is fantastic though.

  20. yeah, i’m down with this book

  21. The art is great but the story is just ok.  I’ll stick around for at least one more issue.

  22. I don’t actually mean to diss the book, which might be great, so much as the promotion style.

  23. It was pretty dissapointing for me. I didn’t like the art (photo referencing really looks shit when they get the angles of the faces wrong) & I can’t really comment on the story because I didn’t understand enough of it.

    Even though the "Good ship lolly-pop" thing made me laugh & reminded me it was an Ennis book, I don’t think I’ll pick up issue #2.

  24. I felt the art on this was kinda inconsistent? Some panels and pages were absolutely fantastic, whereas parts of it just seemed lifeless and static.

    I’ll stick around for it though. The writing seems solid.

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