• The Superior Spider-Man faces off with THOR, GOD OF THUNDER!

• The return of ELECTRO!

• Can the Superior Spider-Man and Thor set aside their differences — and EGOS — to save the world? SPOILER: No! They can’t!

Story by Chris Yost
Art by Marco Checchetto
Colors by Rachelle Rosenberg
Letters by Joe Caramagna
Cover by Marco Checchetto

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Avg Rating: 4.2
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  1. I’ve been waiting for a Thor – Electro rematch since the last time they fought!

  2. Wasn`t going to pick this up, but I`ve been on this series since issue 1 and can`t seem to let go. Fell in love with the cover and after flipping through it figured I would give it a shot

  3. I’m happy Yost is writing this regularly now. And it seems like they’re letting Avenging participate in the Spidey continuity too with that reveal of what Otto/Parker is up to in Ock’s old lab.

  4. This was good, I’m really interested to see what Otto is up to capturing his old pals from the Sinister Six!

  5. I think this was the best art I’ve ever seen from Marco Checchetto. Plus I really enjoyed the story. It moved the major ark along a little and was fun. Great issue

  6. The best thing about that last panel is, from from Max and Flint’s perspective, Spider-Man has captured them. They have no idea it’s Otto. They probably think Spidey has finally gone off the deep end and that must be terrifying.

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