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• Cable goes toe-to-toe with Iron Man as his mission of annihilation continues!

Story by Jeph Loeb
Art by Ed McGuinness
Cover by Ed McGuinness, Leinil Francis Yu, & Stephen Platt

Price: $3.99
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Avg Rating: 2.8
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  1. The Exanctioning Action Doesn’t Stop!
    With Captain America clearly dead forever, who will the man called Cable exanct upon next?
    I’m looking at you, Tony Stark – through my light-up eye!!!

  2. It would have been much funnier if this series was called Avengers: X-Sanguination.

  3. McGinnues suckes in this… Loeb is normal (which sucks)… not continuing.

  4. wow, almost no response to this. that’s interesting

    • Well, I’m a fairly big Cable fan. I’ve liked a decent ammount of Jeph Loeb’s work in the past. I’m rather fond of McGuiness’s style. I’m still not picking this up though.

      A large part of the problem is budgetary for me here. If it were its own mini, not a lead-in to a future company-wide event, I might be able to stomach the $4 an issue.

      Plus I’d be suprised if it gets into any character development for Cable which is what I’d have more interest in than whatever misunderstanding is causing him to shoot the Avengers.

  5. I was really excited to read this mini when I first saw it advertised a few months ago. I enjoy the team up of Loeb and McGuiness. Issue #1 started ( and ended ) with A BANG!. Issue #2 isn’t so noisey. Cable seems to be picking of EARTHS MIGHTIEST HEROES with relative ease. There doesn’t seem to be any sense of severity to CABLES actions. I don’t feel as if the Avengers are in any real “danger” so far. I am intersested to see how the creative team wraps this up in 2 issues.

  6. Diamond shorted my LCS, so not sure when I will get this. 🙁

    Issue 1 was okay, and I am hoping issue 2 is better.

  7. So, do you think we’ll find out a year down the line that it’s actually Stryfe, or he’s posessed by the Shadow King, or some other B.S. to explain why he’s acting like a ridiculous, overblown villain, full-on monlogue-ing and being a general dick, or are we going to just live with Cable being a tool forever?

    I so hope he goes after X-Man and Adam X next. Please.

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