• As The Opening Shot Is Fired, The Avengers Storm The Beach Of Utopia, And The Phoenix Draws Ever Nearer To Earth!

• But Which Side Will Wolverine Fight On?

• And What Choice Will Hope Make That Will Change The Direction And Scope Of The Conflict Dramatically?

Story by Jason Aaron
Art by John Romita Jr. & Scott Hanna
Colors by Laura Martin
Letters by Chris Eliopolous
Cover by Jim Cheung, Laura Martin, Nick Bradshaw, Marte Gracia, & Carlo Pagulayan

Price: $3.99
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Avg Rating: 3.7
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  1. Yay!

    • I’m glad to see unlike so many others your enthusiasm for this event seems to be great, I’m feeling the Same way so far hopefully it stays that way

  2. Whats the reading order this week with 3 AvX cross over issues? I have been dying to find out what happens after that stunning scene in issue 1 between Scott and Cap!

  3. Can’t stand the art.

  4. This should actually be interesting. Last week, we had an issue written by the Avengers writer, now we get one of the X-Writers.

  5. I’m hoping this is awesome, because it crosses over with about 11 titles that I already buy monthly, most of which are subscriptions, and I look forward to the public library ordering a nice copy of the hardcover.

    If it’s Jason Aaron, I’m betting it will be fun, inventive and wildly wonderful.

    • i live in phoenix and my library sucks when it comes to graphic novels. SUCKS. a lot of magna, which is fine, but not my thing. fifth largest city in the nation and the library sucks. how does that work?

    • If they have an Interlibrary Loan system, you may be able to get them to get books from other libraries for you. Our library also has a suggestion box for letting them know what books to buy. And they buy just about every Marvel trade that comes out. Multiple copies, usually.

      I save a $#!tload of money on comics. Of course that’s offset by my property taxes. 😉

    • My library kicks asre when it comes to graphic novels; a ton of manga which they should just place in the toilets where the homeless guys sleep but a good selection of other stuff. Superheroes, indie, whatevs

    • @sitara you kidding? No offense or anything, but Arizona armpit of the US, only Florida’s worse. Your elected officials won’t fund basic services, let alone something as ‘disposable’ as the public library.

    • kidding about what? and what basic services are you talking about? have you ever actually been to Az?
      i’ve lived in most of the U.S. and there are plenty of states worse off than Az. sure, there’s problems, but to say it’s the 2nd worse state is ridiculous. i’ve only lived here for 5 years and do not plan to stay after my wife’s med school , so no offense taken, but i could really care less what you’re personal feeling are regarding Az. lets talk about comics and leave politics outa this before we move on to religion.

    • No politics.

    • I have been to Scottsdale Az. and I meet some very cool people there and a majority of them were transplanted from Chicago. That is really cool for me since that is where I am from an I have also been around the some of the US and me personally I think that the USA is beautiful all over!! USA, USA, USA, USA!! Shout out to all my comic reading freinds all over this great country and our freinds abroad as well. Out of the country I have never been and I am 40 already, what a shame; sorry just wanted to jump in, now back to my real thought; this comic and beyond.
      No politics and for sure no religion, lets just heat up the AVX talk and take sides, I think that would be fun!! How can we go issue to issue or should we pick a battle like Submariner vs Ant-man and who picks who and tell your side of the battle.
      I pick Ant-Man since he could shrink and really get inside Namor and tear his insides out. Even in water he could sneak up on him in an air bubble or something and then bang start the vertigo and next a small anurisum(spelling I know bad huh?) then down and out. Oh well sounded like fun….

    • @player1
      thanks for the suggestioon, i’ll definitely look into it.

      it would be awesome to see ant-man go inside of someone and start fucking them up from the inside out. or, or, OR…just go inside of them and then go giant, thus ripping them in half or in pieces. i know that’s a lil’ dark for these heroes, though. but one can dream.

  6. I loved the first issue and looking forward to this one. I’ll likely not ready any of the other titles, but the VS ones!

  7. Jason Aaron is the writer!!! Good enough for me.

  8. Yeah!
    I really hope we get to see Scott (Finally) get punched in the face.

  9. Yes!! I am with all of you, I hope that sun of bitch gets whats coming to him and I hope they pass him around like a rag doll in the process and The Phoenix Effect finishes him off looking like Jean. Cap should get the first shot at him, maybe a shield to the jaw saw he can’t talk anymore and than Wolvie can really maybe remove his eyes then gut him. Magneto and The White Queen are already f#cking him behind his back and using him so why not really open it up and just cut his legs off or hobble him!!!! AAAAARRRGGGGGHHHHH!! Wow, that was a little creepy was’nt it?? Seriously; he needs to get whats coming to him and he is the one that should be taken out of the Marvel Universe for good.
    I enjoyed the first two issues very much and I am excited to see what happens tomorrow with hopefully some real individual battles.


    • damn dude, that’s really dark.
      i love it. every word.
      if the phoenix does kill him, i’m going to lose it. fucking lose it in the best possible way.
      i’ll throw a party.
      drink champagne, eat filet mignon with foie gras and make love to my wife under the stars on a beach in mexico.
      mmmmmmm…dead, rotting cyclops corpse. really does it for me.

    • @sitara – You are inspiration my friend and I love reading your comments, thanks for the back up!

    • @flash
      you are without a doubt one of the coolest people at this site. even when you’re bashing a book or character, you manage to keep your composure and stay positive. it’s all in fun and you are mature enough to recognize that. i dislike people who hide behind their computer screen and spread hate,negativity and tell people what they SHOULD do or think because they’re angry about whatever.
      keep it awesome, bro.

  10. Ok, I’ll be the dissenting voice: X-MEN 4 LYFE!

    I love the direction they’ve taken Cyclops. He’s become personally responsible for the survival of his ENTIRE SPECIES after having terrible tragedy after terrible tragedy befall him and his people. The mutant race has been barely hangin on for years, and the dude is at the end of his rope. I like that we see him starting to lose it here, desperate for a way to save mutantkind, even if it doesn’t really make a ton of sense.

    Plus, I gotta go with the scrappy underdogs, under attack from a militarized metahuman gestapo. It’s Rebel vs. Empire up in here.

    • Hell yeah! There are only 200 mutants left!! Cyclops has lived through what is essentially a genocide. So he and the X-Men are just supposed to FORGIVE The Scarlet Witch?! Gimme a break!

      Cyclops isn’t a bitch, he’s man leading the most powerful species on the planet. I kind of hope (not really) that this series ends with the mutants saying “enough is enough” and taking over the whole world, a la House of M.

      A small aside: Has Magneto even messed with Cap’s shield? I would think he could if he wanted to…

    • Cyclops is not training Hope, he looks more like he is beating her!! I think Hope may even turn on his abuse parenting ass!! That is not way to train an X-Men and I have never seen an X-Men ever get trained in the style of abuse!! Then you got the two sedistic trouble making supposed X-Men Magneto and White Queen just watching and not really even giving a shit; I say down with Cyclops and his X-Men. Wolvie seems to have the real X-Men and is trying to make a real difference in keep the kids in a learning enviroment (trying the key word here). I understand Cykes has had some horrible things happen and he is not the only one in the mutant community and he seems to think he is the only one…boooo…wooooo, bub!!


    • @KenOchalek – Another fine idea Ken, the shield and Magneto that would be kinda cool to see how that goes over.


    • Does vibraneum count as steel though? I’d hate ta see Caps shield break for a second time.

    • It would be the third! It broke back in the late 90’s, leading him to pick up everybody’s favorite accessory, the energy shield!

    • Hope can take it. Don’t be such a wuss, Flash923.

    • What would be super sweet would be for the Scarlet Witch to say three very different words….”No more Avengers’ and see how Cap likes that. It is odd how much I’ve disliked Cyclops but I am totally behind him on this.

    • Who broke it the first time?!?!?!!

    • I think it was a vibranium cancer or something. Whatever. All that mattered was when it got fixed, and Cap was boss again.

  11. I thought his shield was made from adamantium? Or has that changed over the years too?


  12. I dont remember ever seeing magneto manipulate cap’s shield, now I’m interested to find out of it can happen.

  13. Well, I think Cap’s shield is or was an adamantium/vibranium alloy, but I don’t know for sure. we’ve seen Magneto mess with Wolverine’s adamantium skeleton on more than one occasion, so Cap’s at least partially screwed there. The question is if vibranium is a ferrous metal?

    Now, as much as I’m rooting for the next step in human evolution to rise and take their rightful place as the rulers of Earth in this story, I know Marvel doesn’t just mess with Cap’s shield whenever they feel like it, Fear Itself notwithstanding. But the nature of AVX seems to me like more of a backdrop for it than Fear Itself was. We’ll just have to let Magneto humiliate Iron Man first I suppose!

    (now THIS is the kind of important discussions we should be having here.

    • You got that right! Me likey this kinda of conversational fun!!
      @KenOchalek – I think you are correct and I think from what I understand after fear itself aome Asgardian dwarves repaired the shield and they added Asgardian uru-infused enhancements to make it stronger. So it has a mixture of adamantium and vibranium and apparently the scientist feel asleep during experiments and the combination worked?
      I am not sure that is just bits and pieces of what I remember and than some new stuff from Fear Itself.
      I doubt that the shield is a main focus in this maxi-series however; I really would not mind seeing Magneto get his paws on it.


    • i love cap and all, but it would be cool (and even a lil’ funny) to see mags redirect cap’s shield once thrown and bonk him on the head. hahahahaha.
      has cap ever been hit in the head with his own shield? if not, AVX is the perfect opportunity.

    • Yes! Yes! That’s what I am talking about. I am on the Avengers side however; for the sake of it that would be cool to see and here Cap go, “DOOGH”! There are so many cool things they can do with this AVX and little background fights that would be cool too.


  14. I can’t be the only one who loved how over the top Aaron wrote this?!
    This was FUN comics that made Avengers fighting the X-Men out to be the EPIC CONFRONTATION that it ought to be. There should be nothing subtle about such a throw down. Kudos to Aaron. This was a blast.

  15. Here’s my main problem with this whole A vs. X thing…

    Both Captain America and Cyclops are know to be great strategist, and generally have game plans for these situations especially when the battle involved fellow ‘friends’.

    However, so far it’s just an all out battle royal. There’s a little planning with Iron Man and Dr. Strange, but the rest of the battle is just seeing who can knock out who first.

    Just looking at the beginning…

    Did Cap ever consider that he is leading the mission to an island on a huge Shield Carrier made of metal knowing that the other team has Magneto? I would think that both side wanted to minimize any serious injuries, so why park a huge floating carrier on top of an island?

    Did Cyclops ever consider that Tony Stark can hack into their systems?

    • I’m sure Scott considered it but what’re you gonna do, *not* use computers? He did what he could to protect their systems no doubt but Tony is one of the smartest men alive. There’s really not a lot he could do to protect them from that.

      Point taken on the helicarrier. Dr. Strange could have just teleported everyone there and saved the trouble

  16. Anyone try the Marvel Augmented Reality App for this cover? It’s kinda a neat idea. I liked it but the little vid wasnt much to offer. I can see this being pretty sweet in the future!

  17. Prediction/Speculation – Hope goes all Dark Phoenix, intends to rewrite reality, Wanda is sent in to talk her down, but ends up collaborating with her on the rewrite.

    I know Marvel keeps saying there will be no re-whatever coming out of AVX, but I have a difficult time seeing how they deliver a real “Wow!” ending without leaving the world in a very different place from where they started.

    But I’m still excited to see what they have planned!

    • I’m excited for the possibilities with that, too. I doubt Marvel will pull a Crisis or whatever, but some subtle tweaking to set up future storylines would be cool.

      Interesting thought: What if we get the mutant rebirth, but no one who lost their powers on M-Day gets them back? Instead, it’s millions of random people the world over suddenly becoming mutants all at once. The X-Men now must become a force to deal with this chaos and try to protect, guide and unite a terrified new Mutant race.

    • @Casey: I like it. I miss meeting random new mutants with strange powers.

    • Same. Really hoping this, at the very least, reverses M-Day.

    • i find all this speculation facsinating. these are the things i like to read and contemplate. this and the magneto/cap’s shield thing.

  18. First read through I was kinda annoyed by cyclops and the friends fighting friends without even trying to work it out (supposed to be some of the smartest people on the planet here), specially the Wolverine vs New Mutants panel and Panther and Storm.
    Second read through I stuck with the absurdity of it and was able to enjoy the crap out of it. The panel of cyclops moving his head so fast shooting laser beams with everybody else in i’m angry and gonna do something (just not yet) pose or Giant Man growing to be just a little bit taller than everyone else. Tons of great posturing here.

  19. This was fun as fun could be, the action and the dialog between characters felt so old school battle. Caps shield to the side of Cyclop’s little skull was priceless! I can hear the sound effect in my head right now, “Doonng”! Looks like this battle is one sided and I have no objections; the Avengers are taking it to Cyke’s crew; and no I can not call the X-Men. That group he has put together or has put him together just seems like a rogues gallery.This gets a great rating of 5 and in the running currently for POW, I have about 12 books still to read for this week so I do not want to rush it, except this is really a great comic book readers comic book!!


  20. A friend of mine and I were talking last night and he suggested that the Phoenix force has some connection to mutants. I was thinking what if the Phoenix is not only responsible for mutants on Earth but maybe it could have spawned mutants on other planets. Which would give us a pretty awesome set up for Cyclops and the team to go out into space again.

  21. To me the most important panels in this issue were Scarlet Witch’s dream journal (gag!) and the Space Avengers seeing the Space Phoenix.

    My problem is these panels weren’t thrilling enough. I want to know more about these scenes and I’m not convinced I’ll get what I want in round 3.

    If there was a good ole’ editors box that read “See Avengers #_ for more!” then Marvel would have had me go down the rabbit hole. Instead I think I’m going to drop this.

    Don’t get me wrong I wanted to like this but I’m seriously considering putting my $3.99 toward another book.

  22. Well from the looks of the cover of the next issue (#3), Wolvie is fighting Cap on the cover and so therefore I guess Wolvie is switching sides? Or could this be the old switch-o-ro and get Cyclops to think he’s on his side and bang!! I just can’t ever see Wolvie siding with Scott ever, maybe Wolvie gets in a diagreement with Cap and takes his own mutants and to join the frey??
    Avengers vs X-Men vs The Real X-Men?? By real I mean anyone not with Cyclops…..
    Still got my money on Earths Mightiest Heroes!!


  23. Problem:

    Cyclops saying that the Avengers don’t care about mutants.


    Hybrid team equal parts Avengers and X-Men.

    I think that will be what Bendis is writing when the event is over.

    I wasn’t that into this issue. 2/5

  24. Even though this issue was mainly dedicated to the full out carnage at the mutant’s home base, this whole comic read like it was a WWE pay per view, with the back dialogue being read like a ring announcer.

    “The most expensive punch in history!”

    “They hear the punch all the way in Oakland!”

    “Fourth nose broken in the last eight minutes!”

    Geez…this sounds corny but those were all actual lines from the writing, and they all sound like they come from Jim Ross and Jerry Lawler. The art was good and I understand this issue was meant to build the tension and conflict, but I feel it didn’t lead to anything and that it was just to dazzle. In the end, all it did was make us wonder what the actual progression will be.


    • I agree 100%……that back dialogue was ridiculous and really hurt the story for me.

      Also one of MY biggest fears for the series was that the conflict would feel forced and hoo boy does it ever.

      After a promising first issue it really took a step back with this issue.

    • There was just WAY too much of it. When the quantity of that backlog is just generic descriptions to hype up the fighting (which didn’t need it because the artwork itself was well done), then the whole writing has made it worse on that front. The characters were all nailed right with their speech and confrontations, but here was just so many panels with unnecessary corny commentary that it made the issue drag on in spots. I’m anxiously awaiting for number three, but only to see how the actual story and Phoenix unfolds. NOT for a space battle and more of Cyclops ranting.

  25. The fighting in this issue was pretty random and made little sense; specifically all the punch throwing in the background (Daredevil vs Magik, Black Widow vs Jubilee, etc). John Romita Jr’s artwork was pretty weak. And look who, of all people, tried to hurt Hope.

    Please check my mini-review of issue #2 here:


    Comments and feedback are always welcome!

  26. I really had fun with this issue. I’m no Jason Aaron fanboy lemming, but boy, his writing was great here. And such a breath of fresh air after Bendis. AvX just might be the event that finally delivers…

  27. This book was pretty terrible. Just two issues in, and I’m already out. I have a hard time believing that this book appeals to many people who don’t already love The Avengers or X-Men.

    • I like the series so far because the Xmen and Avengers are actually fighting over something plausible. What I mean is that they both feel like they have a “dog in the fight”, so to speak. It is not some random throw-down to appease fanbois.

  28. Awesome, awesome stuff. I love how it feels like a good X-Men story, which has the Avengers in it. It doesn’t feel unnecessary, and hot damn is it entertaining.

    Goddamn Cyclops is a rebel badass.

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