• Time is running out as the Avengers are cornered in their last stronghold!

• But the stakes change when Hope and the Scarlet Witch join forces! Why?! How?!

Story by Ed Brubaker
Art by Adam Kubert
Cover by Jim Cheung, Nick Bradshaw, Adam Kubert, & Humberto Ramos

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  1. Just thinking aloud here but if Cyclops has the power of the Phoenix force does he need to wear his visor?

  2. didn’t they already mention that when they got the phoenix initially? I thought I remember emma saying that, but I could be wrong.

  3. Ed Brubaker is writing the story I see.My hopes are up for this issue and the rest of the series.

  4. just..end..already

    • if you don’t like it,

      just..ignore it..already

    • We get it, you don’t like the series. Stop pounding it over everyone else’s heads every issue and just go to the Saga forum or something. The fact that your comments history shows you’ve been complaining for weeks across a variety issues makes me think you need to go outside for a bit maybe?

    • I am entitled to my opinion, yes? Maiking a single statement isnt bashing anything over anyone’s head. Funny how you think you know a single thing about me, or my life. Get over yourself brah

    • Holy shit, somebody snikt this guy… Are you kidding me? What? Are you trying to get us to RAGE QUIT ifanboy? Umad bro? Troll troll troll… I hate that we’re probably from the same generation.

    • Everyone here knows ONE thing about your life….when the next AvX comes out you’ll start the same old nag-dance “ughh, why is this soo bad…ughhhh, i cant stand blah blah blah blaaarrrhhhhhhhhh”

      You could do whatever you want **COMMENT MODERATED**, just dont get angry when people finally reply to the troll-excrement that spews out of your fingers every AvX. See you when #11 comes out.

    • Also, if you’ve hated it so much for so long why are you still pulling it?

  5. Looks kind of like Nightwing on the cover.

  6. This is so much fun. The first event where I think there will be some lasting changes. Getting close to the end!!

  7. Only two to go, gang!

    I find myself very interested in where Marvel’s Merry Mutants will wind up after the series ends. Will M-Day be undone? New mutants created randomly? The X-Men, fugitives?

    One thing I would definitely like would be a set team of X-Men again, rather than every damn mutant on earth being on the team. Gimme seven or eight folks and focus on their relationships, please.

    • Agreed. Pre Messiah Complex, they had 4 core titles + Astonishing and all 5 had unique teams and unique stories. Then they had to go and fuck it all up with constant relaunches

    • I disagree. I’d say the X-teams have had pretty stable line-ups since Schism.

      Uncanny had Cyclops, Storm, Hope, Colossus, Magik, Namor and Mangeto.
      WATXM’s cast was a bit more amorphous but has basically been Wolverine, Kitty, Iceman, Beast and the kids.
      Legacy has been Rogue, Gambit, Rachel, Frenzy and Cannonball.
      I’m not reading Adjectiveless but I think their roster only recently changed (and only because Brian Wood took over).

      To my mind, it’s not a lack of stable rosters but the obligatory tie-ins to AVX that make it feel like the team dynamics haven’t had much of an opportunity to get fully explored.

    • @Ken – Yeah for the first time in a long time they’ve gone back to having actual lineups, I guess right now it’s just that the quality isn’t where it was back then. It definately seems more all over the place but that might just be my perception. Cyclops not acting like Cyclops for a very long time might have something to do with it but that’s a whole different discussion.

      You can put Uncanny X-Force head to head with almost anything in X-Men comics history though, and Wolverine & the X-Men (while a little too wacky sometimes) is one I’ll jump back into after the AvX crossover.

      I probably just have relaunch fatigue, they had it so perfect back then and Axel Alonso and co. took a cleaver to it. I want Kyle & Yost back.

    • That’s a good point, Ken.

  8. Completely agree. I do find it interesting when people who don’t like a book…keep buying and reading the book. That said, I suppose it’s always positive to keep supporting comics by purchasing them! I’ve been on the fence on this series…sometimes it’s good…sometime’s it’s so formulaic. I guess i’m just too much of an X-fan and want to know how it all shakes out! Just wish the characters acted a bit truer to form…the situations sometimes feel a bit too contrived.

    • It’s a catch 22. if you buy it and don’t like it and say so then the response is “Well why did you buy it if you don’t like it” and if you don’t buy it yet dislike the general storyline and say so the response is “How would you know, you haven’t read it”.

      For myself I’ve kept up with the reviews a bit but this whole series is just so pointless to me. It doesn’t matter because in the end they all hug and make up in time for the next big event. Nothing the X-men can do the Avengers will matter after the grand reconciliation mini. That’s been the pattern since cw and I’ve just given up on marvel writing any other way.

    • Buying it and disliking it is one thing, but hating on the comic before it comes out and then planning on buying it anyway is a bit odd.

    • Maybe, but you can always be wrong and buy it and like it. It’s a gamble.

    • Fair enough.

    • And to your point that you already know that the conflict won’t result in lasting interpersonal strife, Marvel started soliciting new team books that combine the membership of the warring parties in a few months, revealing the results for any reader to see. That does make the conflict feel a bit more hollow.

  9. Here’s a thought that just struck me. I’m really going to miss Emma Frosts phoenix costume. I like it much better than the non costume/lingerie she wears normally

  10. Coipel’s Scarlet Witch was the shizzle. Adam Kubert’s … not so much.

    • And I’m sure there are other readers who feel the opposite. That’s part of the problem of using a team of different artists to tell a single story: you’re bound to please most of your readers some of the time, but none of them all (and, perhaps, most) of the time. I’ve been more unhappy with the uneven writing than with the rotating art, but I’ve certainly noticed both!

  11. Sounds like there’s another Infinite comic to correspond with this issue, so don’t forget to use the free download code in your hard copy!

    • Thanks for the reminder!!! I totally forgot about that!

    • Read the Inifinite issue last night — I think it was the best one of those things we’ve seen so far! You can definitely see that Mark Waid is going to be one of the first big name writers to “get” this format. The name of the artist is escaping me at the moment, but he did a great job too!

      And don’t forget, if you bought AVX 10 in a comic shop, you get the Infinite comic FOR FREE with your download code.

      Free comics, y’all.

  12. I liked this one better than any since the beginning.

  13. I am really getting tired of people ragging on AvX. I do wish it was only 9 or so issues, but it is extremely fun. Everyone is getting a chance in the limelight. From Cap to Iron Fist and Cyclops to Hope. there have been parts that i don’t think was needed but the last issue with Spidey and this issue have just been FUN.

    • I also thought that this issue was a fun read, but I didn’t anything “fun” about last issue’s three-page beat down of Spider-Man, or Emma’s random cold-blooded family dinner time murder. My appreciation of AvX has been diminished by the broad range of tones being delivered by the rotating writing staff.

  14. I am eager for this to be over, but not because I havent enjoyed it… I have enjoyed it quite alot, I just want to see how the damn thing ends. Worst part of this issue? “To be continued in four weeks…” Argh!

    • When I picked up my pull yesterday my friendly LCS buddy said, “Not to spoil anything but it ends with Continued in four weeks…”

      I’m not sure if I want to read it yet now!

  15. It seems like this series is following a pretty even rotating pattern… Like it… Don’t like it… Like it… I was disappointed in the last issue for a number of reasons, but I really liked this one. I think Kubert’s art was better, I thought some of the points made were a little more poignant, the interaction with Erik and his actions was cool and his tension with Emma was really well done. And, I mean, come on: DRAGON!

    I guess I will hate #11 again, but #12 should be a favorite!! 😀

    • I completely agree. I had a very strong, negative visceral reaction to last issue, triggered by the hyper violent cruelty of the X-Men. The plot in this issue was similar to last, but the storytelling choices were very different and I really enjoyed reading this issue. This series shows how a “platooning” of writers to tell a single story can result in a very even plot, delivered through a very uneven story.

  16. Love this issue, the series dragged me down at points but its ramping up now. Love the comments from xavier, essentially the acknowlegement that only Logan chose the right side. Like the handling of magneto as well. This is why comics are made

    • I wonder if we’re heading towards a post-AVX status quo where Xavier and Magneto are working together as mutant leaders, like they’d hoped to when they first met?

    • I love that idea! I would totally pick up a book that focuses on Erik’s and Xavier’s relationship as the run the new west coast X-Men and deal with these punk kids from the 60s too!

    • The MARVEL NOW! teaser trailer: “ODD COUPLE” Neil Simon / Farel Dalrymple.

  17. When I was one-third through this book, I considered putting it down. Very few books do that to me. The art was pretty good, really nice detail work in some places, and really appropriate panel displays. There are only two issues left, so if we have gotten this far, we might as well finish it. At least we have a month to get over this issue.

    Regarding the comments about buying a book and not like it: personally, if it’s a limited series like this one, I usually just stick with it until the end. That way I can at least have a complete set that I can do something with, like sell it on ebay.

  18. I really dug this issue, the art is stellar. I actually pulled up the Marvel AR app this time but was super annoyed, it just refuses to work on certain pages.

  19. After two very impressive and entertaining chapters, AvX goes downhill when Cyclops comes to K’un Lun to retrieve Hope from the Avengers.

    Read more of my mini-review of AvX #10 here:


    Comments and feedback are always welcome!

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