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When a stranger lies dead at the Avengers’ doorstep, Hawkeye won’t let his world be implicated in a grisly murder. But what seems to be a simple murder gives way to a gruesome conspiracy – one Hawkeye can’t walk away from – and one that involves…The Trapster?!

Jen Van Meter (BLACK CAT) and Roger Robinson (Batman: Gotham Knights) bring Hawkeye with a vengeance!

Also, Hank Pym and the class of Avengers Academy leave the school behind for a mystery too fantastic to believe, by Jim McCann (NEW AVENGERS: THE REUNION) and Andrea Divito (NOVA)

Story by Jen Van Meter & Jim McCann
Art by Roger Robinson & Clayton Henry
Cover by John Tyler Christopher

Price: $3.99
iFanboy Community Pick of the Week Percentage: 0.0%
Avg Rating: 2.9
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  1. Another Hawkeye mini series? Or is each issue going to show another Avenger?

  2. should of just let mccan keep doing Hawkeye. This was not good

  3. I got this mainly becouse I’ really like avengers academy, the whole thing was sorta “ehh”, not bad but nothing to right home about.

    and what was the point of Marvel canceling Hawkeye’s series, to just have 3 mini series in a row instead? (do they really believe people by mini series more then ongoing ones?)

  4. I liked it, but then again, I am probably going to buy and like any Hawkeye comic right now. I wish Marvel would consider relaunching West Coast Avengers.

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