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The Nine Realms have fallen apart and the only ones that can stop the madness are Thor, Captain America and Iron Man. But why is Hela battling the Enchantress? And how is Thor gathering an army? And which great villain has come back from the dead?! You’ve gotta read it to believe it!


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OliverTwist11/21/10NoRead Review
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  1. Best Avengers titled book hitting the stands—by far. This book will make a hell of a trade (kinda wish I had trade waited but how could I resist this awesome book?)

  2. agreed


  3. Double agreed.

  4. Yup

  5. I hate to be redundant but I cannot agree more.  The art is gorgeous in this and the focus on just the three characters makes it feel less "frantic"  or cluttered than the other books.  There is the same urgency in the story and it’s not like the story is any less complex but the other Avengers titles (some more than others) feel like certain characters are completely interchangeable and often the dialog is just assigned to any character versus getting into what "so and so" character would actually say in such a situation.  

  6. So, so good.

  7. I wish I trade waited this, too.

  8. I wish this could be the main book, or at least an ongoing

  9. disagree

  10. Love this book – would love to see a "Prime" ongoing like this.

  11. my first thought was, how would this be an ongoing?  but after a minute or so, a three-man team book actually sounds kinda interesting.

  12. Yeah this book kicks all sorts of ass.

  13. BY FAR the best Avenger book out there right now. So yeah. Agree.

  14. the best of a medicore bunch? what does that mean?  I’m the best looking dude in a group of men with heads like sucked melons 

  15. @edward – Fair point, but this would be legit in any era. 

  16. I enjoy everything about this title.

  17. Great moment with the three of them – Thor “praying”, Steve sharpening his sword, Tony working on his armor – so…about Hellcat. ROFL

  18. This was overwhelmingly masterful.

  19. The most ho hum issue out of the 4.  I kinda expected Bendis’ wheels to start grinding to a halt with the penultimate issues of his series.

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