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The team-up you never thought you’d ever see again! Steve Rogers and Tony Stark battle together to save each other and the life of their fallen friend Thor! But will that be enough to heal the divide between these two headstrong heroes? And what is the secret to the nightmare that is destroying the Nine Realms?!


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  1. Who is this kid Alan Davis, he is going places.

  2. i wish this was monthly

  3. @Evangelion11: No kidding.  It’s been good, & it’s basically a "Seige Aftermath".

  4. @evangelion agreed

  5. as someone who came into comics not knowing jack about marvel this book has helped me get my first look at 3 big characters and just for that its one of the books im most excited about

  6. This has been a great series and I also wish that it was being released monthly.

  7. I had to explain (three times) at a LCS that this book is bi-monthly, and therefore not late and not canceled. Sigh. People.

  8. I wish this wasn’t late. It’s like it’s been coming out every two months instead of one or something 

  9. @ed lol. It’s like its on a bi-monthly schedule or something.

  10. It feels like it’s been at least 62 days since the last issue. 

  11. @mikeandzod21- canceled? people actually thought a miniseries would be canceled after two issues?

  12. @ABEV-Especially a mini about the Avengers, with BMB writing and Alan Davis doing the art?

  13. @abev what @misterj said. And on of the people involved in this conversation was a comic book store owner.

  14. If you have been buying stock in Hela, this is the time to sell. She is everywhere right now and you got to imagine that won’t last. Buy low, sell high people.

  15. @mikeandzod21- sigh… oh boy

    @JimBilly4- and we owe it all to JMS bringing her back in Thor.  or possibly that Hulk Vs. movie. 

  16. The dialogue from when Steve and Tony met up was fantastic and funny.  Great  art again.  I love it when this book comes out.

    @mikeandzod21-Hope that he is not responsible for the ordering for the store…

  17. This is Bendis at his best. To echo MisterJ’s thoughts the dialogue was fantastic between Cap, and Iron Man when they are riding to the lightning. I’m glad I didn’t drop this book.

  18. Wish this was an ongoing. So much better than any other Avengers book out right now.

  19. this would be a cool conterpart to like trinity or batman superman, i have a feeling they might take this concept futher, i hope atleast


  20. This really feels like an old School Avengers book, and I mean that in the best way possible. Didn’t think Bendis had it in him.

  21. This issue is mostly great because of the art. The writing was a little stereotypical, still fun but it seems that all of Steve and Tony’s problem’s just evaporated.

  22. Davis is doing outstanding work, and Farmer of course is inking him perfectly.  but this issue, I really noticed Javier Rodriguez’ pencils.  looks modern, looks classic, a beautiful and varied palette.  just solid stuff.

  23. Tony Stark on the horse made this whole comic for me

  24. @Minion I don’t think the problems evaporated. I think they are in the middle of a crisis and put all that stuff away for the moment. This has led to scenes where they are having fun together despite all the madness. I think Bendis is doing a really artful job of showing how their relationships might be at least partially repaired.

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