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  1. Is anybody still pulling this at this point…

  2. as you can tel even marvel thinks this is failling and lowered the price. i still like it, because im a big jim hammond fan

  3. i just want this to be over with now!  this book is quikly becoming irrelevant, since it started just post Civil War and now we are in a Dark Reign things.  thats three damn cross overs!  JUST FINISH THIS FUCKER OFF!

  4. im still getting this. idk why though. i like the invaders. its getting old though

  5. Are they still in the pre-secret invasion continuity with this, or have they adapted the series as the main marvel universe moved on?

  6. It’s still pre-SI continuity. And yes, it needs to hurry up and finish, ’cause it’s dragging on the ground. I don’t even know how I feel about it anymore. 


  7. I’m just waiting for the big old trade for this one, i think it’ll read a lot better that way since i won’t have to wonder where it falls then

  8. I don’t particularly care where this ‘fits’, (And really why let this spoil ANY good story) I’m enjoying it. 

  9. @roivampire the trade would be great and probably be better, but i dont want to spend the 30 dollars for the big hardcover eddition.. you know they add the scripts for the 12 issues just to increase the price

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