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  1. wow, no one is talking about this

  2. I thought the last issue was Ramos’ last one… sigh

  3. this is still good even though the focus of the story has changed

  4. oh it’s great.  such a rich mini-universe has been set up in this book since issue #1

  5. I love this book, but I do still wish that Ramos was off of it.

  6. @Noto- next issue!

  7. @ABirdseysView – Let us rejoice again one month from now!

  8. it it me or does the hood look like andy cap?

  9. @peterporker: agreed

  10. odd how the hood’s character can seem like such a badass at one point/comic, and be such a worthless pussy in another… but i guess thats somewat his character?

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