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  1. Is there any word on if this book will be cancelled? I enjoy it, but I know its not too popular and I don’t think it sells as well as either Mighty or New Avengers. Really though, I don’t see the need for the book at all once Dark Reign comes to a close.

    Can Initiative really be selling that many more copies than Captain Britain?

  2. I jumped off issues for a moment and I checked the sales on this title. They were pretty good. I think it was a top thirty book.

    I will see this title to the end or until Gage leaves.

  3. 37 49 50.66 FEB092495 AVENGERS INITIATIVE #23 (DARK REIGN) $2.99 MAR

    Slipped a bit since I last checked. Still a ranking of 37 has to be pretty good.

  4. Gage said in a recent interview that their sales were fine. At this point, it’s probably not going anywhere minus a editorial change in direction to launch something else.

  5. Christos Gage = Awesome

    Taskmaster = Mega-awesome

    Humberto Ramos = Not good.



  6. this is Ramos’ last issue.  Rafa Sandoval has the next arc.

  7. That’s great news to hear. I’ve been enjoying the characters in the Initiative, but I’m getting tired of Ramos’ art.

  8. @Diabhol-Couldn’t agree more with Ramos art, this issue looks horrible, I don’t understand his style nor do I like it at all, his proportions are all out of whack and makes a great story barely legible

  9. Sales should have sod all to do with the enjoyment of a book. If we all bought only the book which we saw selling high numbers then there’d only be Avengers Books, X-Men and Spider-man titles, and maybe a few Bat-titles left.

    Gage did an interview recently on where the book will be going, and it all sounds very promising.

  10. The above discussion about sales was never linked to whether or not someone should or should not enjoy the book.

  11. Yeah, I really dug this issue, particularly Osborn. I’m looking forward to the next issue without Ramos.

  12. I think Ramos is my one of my favorite artists at marvel. I’ve never understood why he gets so much shit. Does anyone know what title he is going to be drawing next? 


    I like the Initiative because of it’s characters they introduced and followed; like Trauma, Cloud 9, Scarlet Spiders, etc.

    But it seems that the series is heading to another direction without them, just like in this issue where it focused on Taskmaster etc.

    Do I have to be worried about not seeing the younger characters anymore?


    I agree with you JesseG I love Ramos’ stuff.

  14. I hope we see more of the characters that were introduced into the title.  I absolutely love the little world this title has built around it- almost exists in its own universe.  Solid mix of new and pre-existing characters.

    PS: I LOVED Taskmaster and Ant-Man discussing women.  Hilarious and so in character for both!

  15. I really liked the issue, and I have really enjoyed the whole series. It has some of the best characters like Taskmaster and Typhoid Mary (she needs her own book). My only gripe is I’m not big on the art.

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